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  1. I watched my hospital push out all the PTAs because they can hire new grad PTs for close to what a senior PTA was making

  2. It might be good to watch a couple videos if you have never worked in a subpanel / load center before but it's not rocket science. If you got this far doing the DC work, it shouldn't be hard.

  3. I was 100% successful with your assistance, thank you again it works great

  4. I had a similar question I posted with pictures after installing. Try searching this sub Reddit for some more info. It’s hard to explain through text.

  5. Can you be more specific? I'm just curious. Are they a new therapist? I always wonder how many clinics get a bad traveler because you often only hear about the reverse

  6. They have been out over a year, I have a feeling they have mostly only done SNF placement, our productivity is around 75-80% to allow basic time for treatment and hopefully a higher quality of care. Maybe they are use it 90-95% and this is just the quality of care some facilities expect to meet minutes?

  7. I would just go to management, express your concerns, but I wouldn't necessarily try to get their contract ended or get them fired. That's managements job.

  8. Perhaps it is inappropriate for your PTs to lean on an Athletic trainer for these patients

  9. My wife and I both work in healthcare when we have patients close to us pass away we write their story in a private journal, it helps reflect on the impact they had on us. We read it from time to time and it helps

  10. Great again? or should we call this a first in a while?

  11. I did the 3+3 and it went fine for me, paid one less year of schooling

  12. Case managment can be a real drag in acute care. Here is the deal, most of us work and live in America where we value our medical autonomy. We are working with adults and if they have been deemed to be of “sound mind” guess what they get to fucking say “no” we offer and educate but if they say no you need to let it be a no, and case managment does not get to make that choice for the patient

  13. I had a company try this, I very firmly told them it was not my job to fill my schedule it is (insert owners name) job. Never heard about it again

  14. Job B would be my choice, plus you would likely be able to flex around the hospital system to other settings if you would like

  15. Here is what you do, light a cigarette (real or fake does not matter) turn to the therapist next to you and say “well shit guess we can’t make them all happy” then proceed to move on with your life nothing lost but a you gained a spot in your schedule for someone who will appreciate your skills

  16. Yeah… on some of the Reddit physician threads there are some folks that honestly think that PM&R docs direct PTs and tell us what treatments to do. I think it’s less about us and more about not knowing what the heck PM&R docs do. Even some PM&R docs have a hard time explaining their specialty 🤣.

  17. In the past this is how it was, still have a few PM&R docs that set reps and sets in their prescription to PT and get pissed when the therapist does not follow it

  18. I've always thought Minnesota was a sleeper pick. What area would you recommend to start looking at? And also as far as salary for HH or Hospital?

  19. I’d be putting the nail gun down and enjoying that view too!! Woah. Gorgeous.

  20. The cup of coffee in the morning would always take a little longer than normal

  21. For what it’s worth it is in an area with a lot of finlanders

  22. Passive range of motion PROM Range of motion ROM WBAT weight bearing as tolerated Know how Rep vs set for exercises work

  23. What setting are you working in? That would help guide a bit

  24. I did a clinical at the place like this, the patient would show up and the secretary would put Estem on them, chiro would crack them, message therapist would be used for soft tissue (billing under the PT listen e because “the pT told them where to work on” then go to the PT for exercises. Each visit to the patient was around 45min to an hour. Most the time PT was tripled up for patients

  25. There's absolutely nothing wrong with legally billing for every cent you can out of the insurance company. We need to stop acting like they aren't evil or that we will get some kind of reward by saving insurance companies any money.

  26. Never said it was bad I just did t like the tripled up patients, I will note the clinic was investigated by the state therapy board for fraudulent billing due to the use of the message therapist as manual therapy billing but no action was taken

  27. It sure this would work in acute care but likely OP, however that puts more of the responsibility to fill a schedule on the PT and not the owner or the clinic

  28. Nice try almost fell for it, joking aside every few years I interview around the area to see where my wage stands, I always get asked if I would be able to pass a drug test (gives list of drugs, weed always on it)

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