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  1. I had my Versa 4 for 15 days and I just shipped it back for a refund. I too found the front screen very unresponsive and cumbersome to navigate to Steps while walking. More frustration than it was worth, I am back to wearing my ancient Charge HR.

  2. I am….underwhelmed by the little data I have gotten in the 13 days I have had my Sense 4 on. There is no way to factor in chronic pain, so it tells me that what shitty sleep and I have a readiness score in the high 90s—yes I walk 4 miles a day but at a snail pace with many breaks. Nothing I do makes this thing happy :)

  3. I have symptoms that fall under any widespread body pain, peripheral neuropathy condition. So far it seems to not be MS or Lupus, my spinal tap was bloody so it didn’t give much info ultimately. No dry eyes or mouth just druzen on my optic nerve.

  4. Honestly nothing so far. I desperately wanted the Desert Lights palette, but not enough to pay shipping or fill my cart with $24 worth of stuff I didn’t need. I am sticking to my plan from 3 years ago: if I didn’t like it enough to buy it full price, I won’t buy it just because it is on sale. (I bought a Fitbit, but my old one was seven years old and I am using it all day every day—so I totally took advantage of that sale)

  5. Sounds like extremely low standards for acceptable behavior all the way around. No one has to defend a damn thing and folks just get to skate….

  6. Exactly, prostate cancer really is the ‘best’ cancer a guy can get in terms of survival rates. If he wants to be spoken to with compassion he should utilize it himself. What is cousin wanted child with her new partner? The fact that she has any should minimize her desire. NTA

  7. Wow. Thanks for letting us know. Spouse has endured four separate surgeries to repair the damage caused by removing his Best Cancer. Our lives were absolutely destroyed and we didn’t even need chemo. We are seven years out and battle with the physical consequences every single day. So glad this is the Best!

  8. I cut Ricky’s sister a ton of slack. First off she speaks her mind—there is never any doubt what she is thinking or feeling and I love that. She also clearly loves Ricky. I got the impression she has spent most of her life protecting him and watching him get exploited—and I definitely don’t think she had a choice. Add in the whole loosing custody of her kids, driving cross country, missing appointments and borrowed money PLUS the weight of her mother demanding she so all this would make me drop a lying, manipulative, selfish, drama seeking, hospital hopping, pants compromised Sister in Law to be on Mars, forget a truck stop.

  9. I missed the part about losing custody of her kids. When did that happen?

  10. During one of the dashboard rants she spews that she is losing her kids or needs to get her kids back…. Something that indicated she has made a few life choices and CPS/custody was a huge fear of hers.

  11. Oooofff. Nope. There will never be a profit margin buying inventory at $8 a piece unless you are selling it for $25. This must have been a catastrophic financial disaster, but sympathy doesn’t make me stupid—that is waaay too much for a blind buy of old inventory. My thrift shop sells new LLR donations on a special rack at $5 each—and they have 50% off sales once a month and still can’t get rid of them all.

  12. NTA. More importantly than getting an apology from the boy you set an example of How To Parent for the mom. Hold children accountable for their behavior! Let them experience uncomfortable feelings of guilt and sadness and regret and frustration!!! Resilient children grow into healthy adults—you were absolutely correct in having the child step into responsibility. Bravo!

  13. Yes, every year for a decade in our picture window, back windows, and patio door. We would have ice forming inside the windows, these saved us SO much money and are super simple to put on. Scissors, hair dryer, step stool and about ten minutes a window to shrink it. Packing tape will seal any tears as the season goes on.

  14. I grabbed the Versa 4 from the website with premium and the2 year plan. It killed me to spend that money but I was upgrading from a Charge HR and I find having all the data very motivating. Definitely need a screen protector and a better band.

  15. At this exact moment: changing the Home feed on Reddit so I have to scroll through pages of content I never wanted to see.

  16. I’m low maintenance and fell in love with Ponds cold cream makeup remover. The tiniest smear melts all my mascara without any tugging. I love it and a single tub last forevvvvvver

  17. I love the fan gift opening segments and I don’t find the twins pushy in the least. I find it rather endearing that they are so openly gleeful about what they receive. Personally I love the transparency about getting fan gifts and enjoying it. I much prefer this to having a po box and gifts never acknowledged. They aren’t making millions off Disney dog toys and pumpkin spice pretzels, but they love them and their giggles and expressions make me LAUGH—which is pretty amazing. I would happily watch videos from them only unboxing fan gifts because they are a complete mood lifter for me—which is why I am a subscriber.

  18. Milani 00AA is my best match thus far, I haven’t had a problem with yellow in it. The Covergirl + Olay Simply Ageless in 205 Ivory has my favorite formula and once applied is pretty much an exact match to the Milani. The Milani is a medium to full coverage where Covergirl is light.

  19. So exactly how many of her children are wrong? Half? Every single one of her offspring misunderstand this woman?? She sounded like a jewel, and your first priority is to protect YOUR child, not the feelings of a stranger. Before any conversation about this woman happened again I would DEMAND your husband read 2 years of her fb feed so you are both on the same page in terms of how this woman behaves publicly with private information. I would also ask for a top 10, worst 10 examples of her behavior that she shared on her fb page—because that is what your husband wants to expose your child to. “What about this woman’s behavior makes you think she has earned the right to access to our child?” Once you have shared a photo and opened that door into your private lives it can’t be closed.

  20. I would not care a bit. Nor would I ask, or expect to be told. Sexuality is a spectrum and hopping into a lifelong commitment of marriage without any solid understanding of what experiences you prefer seldom ends well.

  21. A good point about shutters is that insurance can refuse a claim if you don’t put them up. Damage may come from flying debris like Deborah’s garden gnome collection and not a tree branch. My neighbor has a downspout that I am certain will be in Stuart by Friday, but I digress. Take pics of your shutters once they are up also, that time stamp may be very important.

  22. Is anyone surprised this is coming out immediately after the Shame commercial was uploaded?

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