1. Grow up. The better fighter won the fight. That’s how it goes. Did you expect Merab to lay down and give Aldo a mercy win?

  2. I think u and many others are misunderstanding the situation. He's talking about Merab talking about how aldo said it might be the end for him to him in the cage. Then merab goes and says it on interview

  3. Everytime I’ve seen a post or anything about the fight, there’s always mentions about him faking being hurt..Even in izzy’s reaction video he was claiming that tai faked

  4. that punch was definitely an “oh shit” moment rather than a calculated move

  5. He couldn’t fight for a while who had Colby ever ducked

  6. Khamzat…he turned down the fight the first time it was offered, and Dana said Colby isn’t being held back by the legal issues so he could’ve been fought

  7. Imagine thinking less of someone because they don’t base their lives/personality around watching a specific sport and knowing every individual athlete. You are a Cunt

  8. UFC PR team constantly working overtime because Dana's a jerk.

  9. If he wrestles I'm officially a hater.

  10. You're right, I never was a fan.

  11. usman needs mark goddard to cheat for him like he did against colby

  12. If he just bullies Leon like he did for almost the entire fight and watches out for a kick set up he would win.

  13. Yeah I agree he can’t play to Leon’s advantage by striking with him, he needs to grapple for all 5 rounds

  14. Grinded 6 hours to get the SuperSport 300+. Not fun. Not fun at all.

  15. I thought you meant bad driving like he was crashing into things.

  16. What about what I said could be considered “petty”? Seems like OP is the only one that can accept feedback. And if you think cruising with pulls here and there is the “most boring way in existence “ to drive then how do you drive IRL? Even in game do you full throttle 100% of the time?

  17. I dont want to. Plus while I think the new Bugatti is a nice car and great addition to the game I´m not interested in it that much personally.

  18. Yeah this community is toxic as hell, whenever i'd point out anything i'd get downvoted right away

  19. I mean calling the game things like a “mediocre abomination” is COMPLETELY FALSE. and you’re comparing TC2 to a much newer forza. If it’s really that bad then stop playing it and whining online

  20. I did stop playing it and I will always speak my mind. Now if your two braincells think GT7 is somehow a replacement for TC2, then I feel sorry for you.

  21. If you stopped playing then why are you still complaining…you must truly be miserable

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