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  1. I really like the Ashbri-... Ancient Scimitar

  2. Definitely no homework copying going around for that one :^)

  3. I agree with this also. Happy for the bags to contain mounts, but not those from TBC or Classic that are still obtainable by their original means. I fully intend on trying to solo Anzu on heroic to get my mount when I'm 80

  4. I think the mount should only drop from the dungeon heal/tank boxes, not questing. Literally no point to incentivize questing becuase everyone does it and it just devalues the mount.

  5. There’s a lot more nuance to it than this unfortunately. The mechanics of the spawn haven’t changed - it’s still a very high chance to spawn Vyragosa instead of TLPD.

  6. It's a 10% chance it spawns as a TLPD.

  7. Not putting Djokovic at AO is almost the same as not putting Nadal for RG lmao. There was news that he's been cleared to play btw.

  8. Rafa was the 6th seed and still won the AO didn’t he? Djkokovic should be able to decimate his competition regardless of the seeding because that’s his backyard. Isn’t his wrist giving him problems, why play so many tournaments and risk it?

  9. He said his wrist is fine now and it seems like it was a minor injury and is hoping it won't return

  10. From God mode to Dog mode in a day. However, it seems he was troubled by the right wrist. They showed his warming up (before the match) during which his physio was working on his right wrist (even bandaging it at one point). On many occasions during the match (also, when he entered the court at the beginning) he was making weird moves with the wrist, as if trying to stretch it. Not an excuse, FAA played really well.

  11. How is injury not an excuse? lmao. FAA had to play his best to just barely beat an injured Novak.

  12. If the wrist injury is legit (we'll see after the press conference) then it's a completely different scenario.

  13. Raid’s don’t open until October 6th, you have so much time. Making it to 80 a couple hours faster won’t make or break your plans.

  14. It's about getting ahead of the quest pack ASAP.

  15. I have 25 completed quests in my log in ALL TBC zones including Isle. Its probably going to take me more than 30 considering I don't have epic flying. I'm going Netherstorm -> BEM -> Nagrand -> Terrokar -> SMV -> Shat -> Isle (just realized I don't have a Zangar quest oops I lied on the all TBC zones)

  16. Yeah you dun goofed. All my 25 are in Netherstorm and SMV. So I set hearth to Nether, login to SMV, turn in and Hearth > DK tele and fly to harbor.

  17. Seems like a waste of time to me, but yall can do what you want lol.

  18. How is it a waste of time when you'll literally be doing quests in Northrend to make up for that XP? You'll actually be wasting more time by being behind and not ahead of the pack.

  19. That would be awesome, all the sweaty quest stackers would cry for weeks

  20. Lmao if you think stacking quests once per 2 years is sweaty. Since those quests are easier you're actually spending less time on that XP and also you're getting ahead of the pack which means less time leveling = less sweaty.

  21. I will NOT stand for this disgusting misogyny. I'm furious AND appalled!

  22. I really don’t know what he’s doing there 😭😭😭😭

  23. And mostly thanks to a wrist injury oh no no no

  24. Why don’t we blame Djokovic instead? Or Murray for losing both his matches at least Stef won one.

  25. Novak had wrist issues, the doubles weren't exactly in favor of team EU. Tsitsipas channeling his Federer emulation on 2 match points was the actual tragedy.

  26. Tsitsipas is so devoted to his Federer emulation that he not only has a 1 handed backhand but he also can't fucking close a match point on serve to save his life.

  27. Absolute trash play from Novak but I guess he had some wrist issues rip

  28. I reckon Djokers in trouble if this goes to a tie, Felix has been much more consistent. But what would I know, Everything I predict is dead wrong 😂

  29. Didn't Felix bottle 2 tiebreaks against Matteo?

  30. Ahaha forreal i have to answer to this dumb ass question?

  31. If you're denying that a lot of people unironically thought all of the big 4 would win their matches you're a delusional clown

  32. Were you also one of the people that thought that people unironically believed that TvR would beat Djokovic at Wimbledon?

  33. Do you have trouble reading? I was saying from day 1 all those things you listed but a lot of people ACTUALLY thought they'd win, unironically and not memeing.

  34. Didn’t get to watch the game. At what score was the point played?


  36. I was in the stands and decided to take a quick video to send to a friend who’s a big Nole fan. By complete chance it was THAT POINT

  37. You call Magnus the GOAT and all of your opinions come from Hikaru. Separate your celebrity crushes on chess players from your view of reality.

  38. He is the statistical GOAT and why wouldn't I quote one of the top players lmao? Gonna be funny when they eventually prove his cheating and you all look like clowns.

  39. That's not how the game went. It went into an ending and Carlsen made some bad mistakes. It was a normal game, but Carlsen played poorly. You are repeating sound bites without knowing the context.

  40. Yep, you know better than GMs lmao. Magnus would realize it if he lost due to poor play, he's not an idiot. Obviously he has extreme suspicions and/or evidence to ragequit not only the tournament but then also the next match against Hans.

  41. I'm now convinced Rafa is a bit mad at Tiafoe after not just USO but tryharding the doubles and denying his boyfriend a final win before retirement. He was that happy to see Nole smash him.

  42. Are Stanimals the Hobbits, and the Murrayans the Dwarves?.

  43. I mean Murryans have to be dwarves right because he's Scottish

  44. As much as it sucked to see Federer lose his last match, it also in a way gave Djokovic the opportunity to play the hero. I'm sure it was satisfying for many Fed and Nadal fans to see Novak "avenging" them with his matches today.

  45. He actually gave it his all to the point where I was pissed at him for falling down on hardcourt to get a ball in a damn exhibition doubles lmao

  46. Bigger than LeBron's? How will this affect his legacy???

  47. They should show that recent picture of Madonna to every person worried about wrinkles showing up on their face.

  48. What about Priscilla Presley? Some of them work out lmao

  49. Ballboy during his youth, waterboy during his retirement.

  50. I love Tiafoe and not to take away from his accomplishment, but Nadal was very very far from top form with his abdominal injury and apparent distraction with what’s going on at home.

  51. Yeah but tbf Nadal hasn't taken a set of Djokovic on hard court since 2013 so on that surface no one is a match for him.

  52. Pretty inappropriate way of doing that, glad the security guard stepped in, and nice to see she apologised too

  53. Was she the one who he avoided and never gave the selfie too after that? Lmao

  54. He should have went for it, he didn't miss a single smash all day. Berettini almost bottled the whole set after that terribad smash

  55. I felt like the crowd at the 2021 US open final with Mercedes was with djokovic and I think it did mess with him. It was strange

  56. Right, but that can be excused to the fatigue due to Olympics, lack of preparation plus the pressure of calendar slam

  57. Also just compare his draw vs Med's. That was a huge factor too.

  58. Yeah felt like the Mercedes just drove over him

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