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  1. I found that 1mph works best for beginning. It allows you to steadily find a pace where you can balance proper technique with comfortable speed. I used this for the first couple of weeks. Now I just “deadmill” for 2-5 mins, 2-3 sets.

  2. Damn, 2-3 sets. Here I am doing it for 30 mins straight thinking it’s not enough

  3. What’s the difference between CEX and DEX?

  4. What other coin do you see growing in this market rn? Everything is down.

  5. Might be retracting too far causing a lack of available filament to immediately start printing again

  6. Think that might have been the case. I changed the retraction settings and my next print was mint. Thanks!

  7. You have some under extrusion i have a ender 3 pro and one common problem is the stock pffe tube warps get a new one from Capricorn

  8. Ordered it on Amazon. Came in today, going to find some instructions and upgrade it tomorrow.

  9. Turn on adaptive layers if you're going to continue to use Cura. I would also turn down your fan speed cuz this looks more like layer separation issues to me. My BIGGEST suggestion is dump Cura and get Prusaslicer. They have a built in Ender 3 Pro profile that beyond having to tweak settings for my direct drive and micro swiss hotend I've had to do nothing.

  10. So I think my problem was with retraction causing under extrusion if that makes sense. It was pulling back up too far and then wasn’t extruding enough when it moved to the next area. I have it retracting only .2mm now and I just printed the catbus from My Neighbor Totoro and it came out amazing. With everyone’s help I changed some settings with retraction as well as adding some more top layers. And my print was basically perfect.

  11. I can tell centering was a big factor in the 8. Right border is way heavier than the left

  12. Yeah I sent it in with a bunch of friends that sent in cards so it wasn’t super expensive. I just wanted to try it out. Was fun getting it back, I have another of the same card and now I’m like “I wonder what this card would’ve been graded” 🤔

  13. RBIF, def not ‘shitcoin’. Community is very helpful and welcoming to new holders and the dev team is great about answering questions and explaining their vision. Very transparent. Will be releasing robowallet soon which will have crypto to fiat cross border functionality.

  14. Wow. A new logo. Great. Financial freedom here we come. 🙄

  15. The rebranding has been in the plans. What’s with the sarcasm?

  16. True but with recent events I feel many are iffy on buying in. What’s its range?

  17. If the issue is just network fees it's a common deterent. The middle of the night early morning is when they are lowest because less network congestion

  18. Yup, have bought all mine at like 2am with like $20 gas fees

  19. Many disgruntled holders are moving over to RBIF in an attempt to start over. It seems to be gaining traction again up almost 50% in the last month.

  20. :D just trying to do my part to shill. Subtle but hopefully effective!

  21. It worked, moved all my shib to Robo once I see this and looked into it

  22. Welcome to the fam!! We got some real Utility here and the devs are very transparent. Ms.Vy just made some big announcements so think you made it just in time!

  23. I definitely think a burning mechanism that rewards holders is useful. It will attract buyers.

  24. We get reflections for every transaction so our wallets are slowly gaining more as well as the burn wallet also getting the majority of it.

  25. Is there an address for the burn wallet on this sub somewhere?

  26. If you go to etherscan I believe it’s the first wallet on the holder list

  27. Printed at 200 degrees with 65 degree bed and 100% infill.

  28. Lol just under 10 hours. It said to use 100% infill in the summary I believe. Feel like that mostly affected the base As everything else wasn’t really thick?

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