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  1. Jimmy and Shanahan are going to have a fun week of getting heat, and I'm all for it.

  2. Why wouldn’t it? Are you trying to insinuate something??

  3. Right? Like this is me time. Time to sit here and manage the fuck out of this fire.

  4. As a postal employee....bless your heart and prepare to not see your family. Ps, don't steal the damn mail.

  5. All the outrage with none of the actual resolution to the situation. This is pure hate-mongering propaganda

  6. No outdoors stores carry anything? We have Academy, Cabellas, Ace Hardware that have good options.

  7. I Checked a tractor supply co and nothing but a very small selection of chunks. My local Ace has a small selection of chunks as well. The next store will be lowes and Home Depot. No cabalas of anything like that within an hour drive.

  8. I’ve never ever considered losing kittle, but at this point it’s ridiculous. If he doesn’t suit up for 14 games minimum this regular season then I think the team should ship him. He’s just not worth the headache at all and he’s taking a massive amount of cap space

  9. Charger met camaro and had a bastard child

  10. Drove a SRT8 300 and it left a good impression on me. Cheap as shit interior but damn did the engine make it scoot. Plus lots of room.

  11. “cheap as shit interior”. Yea that’s FCA for ya

  12. Old FCA.. the new interiors (especially on high trims) are incredible.

  13. Yea, I can agree with that. Though, I still don’t think “Jeep” when I think Luxury. Additionally I think up until recently most all of the big 3 had lack luster interior design and quality.

  14. Hey, it’s me, the ATF. Plz DM me IMMEDIATELY so I can give you an address to send all these magazines.

  15. its a compensator. (Hell, I've been compensating my whole life) it comes stock on the Hellcat RDP. Its got a cool factor, im on the fence weather it reduces muzzle flip. Ive heard it reduces it up to 25% and in theory would reduce follow up shot target acquisition, but I need more trigger time to give you an honest answer.

  16. Nah my little girl has been riding around in a remote control “power wheels” just fine. She doesn’t know how to drive it yet but that’s fine with us

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