1. Ik heb een herexamen pakket, waardoor ik 400 euro betaal voor herexamen + 8 lessen. Als ik van rijschool zou wisselen ben ik veel meer geld kwijt. En om eerlijk te zijn weet ik niet echt waar ik moet zoeken

  2. He was called Mikey the Boxer, because he always wore boxers. That was something new in those days. He may started the trend you even could say.

  3. That PS Tool I'm going to try some day, thanks for sharing my friend. Very interesting.

  4. Just wow. Read your own observation. Isn't that a racist point of view?

  5. Ik heb laatst geteld, en wij wonen in een vrije krappe buurt met ongeveer 15 - 20 katten in de buurt. Als ik sommige verhalen hier moeten geloven, zou er inmiddels geen vogel meer gespot kunnen worden, alle planten kaal, krassen op de auto's en poep overal. Ik heb zelf geen huisdieren, maar vind de tuintijgers wel geinig om te zien als ik vanuit huis werk. Was mij er niet van bewust dat het zulke sterke emoties zou kunnen oproepen hier op Reddit.

  6. If you close the windows prior and fart on purpose for others to 'enjoin'.

  7. Very cool buy, looks awesome on you. Was black your first choice? Are you Speedy fan in general?

  8. Whitey was a master of disguise. You wouldn't recognize him, even on titled photos.

  9. Scripts? You can configure Microsoft AutoUpdate from Jamf Pro. This will update Edge, O365, Defender for Endpoint and Company Portal to name a few.

  10. Google on sure petcare… they have flaps which reads the microchip for u… so u can track if it cat is inside or outside the house

  11. Friend of my has a same kind of solution. It evens let only the cats in or out with a predefined microchip. Awesome.

  12. I have both blue eyes and a brown eye

  13. Can you blink with it? What colors are those tears? So many questions.

  14. Characterization for a start. Tony and Livia were the only ones even remotely close to their show counterparts. Silvio in particular seemed like he had the mannerisms of a cartoonish pedophile than an actual person.


  16. Kan je ook de donuts kopen voor mij zodat ik weet dat de bon werkt? Ik wil graag een chocolade, vanille, aardbei, marshmallow, sprinkles, met icing, naturel, met vulling, een chocolade met vulling, een vanille met sprinkles, cinnamon, cookie blue, red velvet, speculoos, pistache, cookie pink, banaan, Christmas pudding, snowbear, hazelnut, nutella, Santa Claus, oreo, macaron.

  17. I really didn't like them at first in pictures, but I happened to be at a Breitling boutique when they had just came out and so they had pretty much all of them there. I was REALLY impressed, they are so nice, for me it's the the 42mm navy blue dial with with red accents and blue bezel on rubber, but honestly I like a lot of the color options.

  18. Where are you located if I may ask? For me it's not an issue, but Breitling is a little bit out of the hearts & minds of the online community. What's your take on that? I'm from The Netherlands, and it's always a steady brand.

  19. Great observation. And yes, those Navitimers are on fire. Thanks for sharing!

  20. In all practicality, having a pet on a TV show adds more expense and continuity issues. It's just easier to not have one, how many long-running shows had pets?

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