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  1. I miss Frank, love his Joji stuff though and I'm so happy he's doing what he loves

  2. To add, they won’t even necessarily damage your base unless you have environmental attacks on. If you didn’t make crafted walls or doors also. I survived a ton of heli events on ground floor with just closed curtains and windows, zeds don’t path through buildings much when not triggered. If anything, opening everything may make them more likely to stay on the ground floor because the path through the house is visible.

  3. Just had a bronze colossus clap the cheeks of my military squads, luckily he stepped on a cage trap so he is now chilling in the entrance to my fortress.

  4. I've noticed that my military keep damaging their armour from sparring all the time, and I feel like I'm constantly having to produce more armour to replace it, and I'm getting confused about who needs what armour pieces exactly, is there any way of keeping track of what armour my dwarves are currently wearing without having to individually inspect them and scroll through their gear?

  5. Well dwarf therapist can show you that. It shows what their equipment is + the wear + if they need anything specific

  6. Ahh yeah found the equipment on dwarf therapist, thanks!

  7. Well, if they're right next to the bank you could pump water away from that tile and hope another dwarf can dash in fast enough to retrieve it before being swept away.

  8. He's one tile away from the bank, and it's only a copper one and I've made some iron crossbows so I'm not too bothered about that however it would be nice to recover his bolts and quiver, plus I'd like to bury him so he doesn't haunt the fortress. How would I pump water away from a flowing 7/7 river?

  9. you can also create a memorial slab and that prevents ghosts without needing to move the corpse. just build a slab at a mason's workshop, engrave it at a craftsdwarf's workshop (alt+s, you will need an engraver) and build the memorial slab furniture where you please (also alt+s in build screen, press x in the materials screen to make sure you have the right one)

  10. "Our men are running from the battlefield! SHAMEFUL DISPLAY!"

  11. My hunter was killed by a sea lamprey shortly after I embarked... Found him face down in the river :( How could I have avoided that?

  12. It depends on how he was killed. If he was knocked unconscious and then fell into the river, I don't think there is any way to avoid this. If he simply fell into the river and drowned, it could have been prevented with a point in swimming. But without specifics on how he was killed, we can't say for sure what needed to be done to prevent this.

  13. I checked the log and it shows him shooting at it a few times, before it chewed him up quite a bit for a while, but then the log stops and there's no mention of him drowning or bleeding to death

  14. Tries to shoot you, but misses as he hasn't been grinding his aiming skill

  15. Spears. Or to be precise, start with blunt and transition to spear.

  16. At what point should you transition to spears? I'm currently level 1 with axes and nothing else. My carpentry is level 3 so my spears break quite quickly so it is a bit of a pain to use them

  17. A good rule of thumb is carpentry level 4. At that point, spears max out in terms of their 'hit points'

  18. I'm not 100% certain, but I think listening to music from mods can affect your character's mood, for example if they are listening to metal/punk that will make them angry, and sad music can make them feel depressed etc

  19. On my game the other day I came across a house with the body of a woman inside with 2 bottles of bleach on the ground next to her, not sure if that is something put in the game on purpose but it creates great background story!

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