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  1. If you are an optimistic with long term vision, of course! But if you are here for a quick buck, no. I think the GOY market can still go a bit deeper but I would start accumulating/DCA mining equipments

  2. Not a specific case for myself but I know a lot of people's that won't use defi until they have a user friendly experience on mobile:)

  3. I would say not for me, I do everything from my desktop PC, but I think a better defi mobile user experience would be vital to the mainstream adoption

  4. I had this problem, it was a problem with my router or something like that I I factory reset it and it all worked fine

  5. Hard to say, from what I understand from the team, the only thing that will be moving the price up or at least keep it constant is, utilities and token burning.

  6. Its been 7 years together, we have own many business and many stream of income, to make everything simple we have a corporation that act as our piggy bank that regroup income and asset from all other projects.

  7. Yeah , it happened to me a couples of time, this spawn is ridiculous.

  8. I've tried many and always seem to come back to Rubic Exchange 🔥👌

  9. 3 is ur best option to give urself a hedge, if u want to go all in with sky just understand how the APR changes in the boardroom so sometimes you will get 500-600% and sometimes you will get 300-400%, also if dark goes underpeg boardroom stops printing, goin all in dark/cro is the safest bet but you won’t get the highest return but the yield is very very good, having 50/50 lets you participate in both and gets you in the closed loop that helps darkcrypto as a whole, dark/cro get sky, stake sky in boardroom, boardroom gets dark, form dark/cro and repeat

  10. Thank you for the answer, what would be the main difference between investing in the Boardroom VS DarkAuto, I was considering DarkAuto but I ear a lot about the Boardroom

  11. Boardroom is single staking so no Impermanent loss just price fluctuations of sky while dark/cro can have some but is very minimal since dark is pegged to CRo and has stayed pegged for quite some time, if u don’t want to use ur rewards then darkauto is good if u want to use ur rewards then keep dark/cro in banks is where u would have it

  12. Thank you for those well explained explanation, I really do appreciate the support!

  13. I play paladin since launch and I remember, the first time I found out I could do that it was my favorite party trick, I was purposely getting myself in the worst open world PvP situation so I can bubble+earthstone

  14. Lately I've been experiencing with baked beans and baked beans fork such has Vineyard, Rubymine, Spookyminer, etc, so far so good. I also took good profit from Titano and sphere when they were at their hight. Also I'm long term into Yield finance, Thor and redlight district.

  15. Sometimes I think an anonymous dev is good tho because regulators have more trouble applying pressure to them so they can better fly under the radar. A massive risk in crypto is the government ruining things.

  16. Yeah, I also agree with that depending on the project

  17. Kucoin offer great rate I also both like Binance and they offer decent % and are great eco system all around

  18. I'm using Debank but I'm also always looking at alternatives

  19. RealT are tokenising real estate in the USA, I've been following them for a while they seem like a knowledgeable, trustable and both experienced in crypto and real estate

  20. MMF-CRO on has been great, I've also recently added a position in METF I'm looking to find similar project outside the CRO eco system

  21. I've already secured profit many time so I don't mind the dip

  22. The only one that’s stake and forget is mmf/cro which is here from the beginning

  23. MMF/CRO has been so good to me, I'm getting close to 10x ROI on this one and still going strong 💪🤯🔥

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