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This hits me right in the feels

  1. One piece so fin would definitely need some type of boost maybe a devil fruit but Jake should be all right

  2. I don't man sucks to be you I'm pretty mid not to ugly not to handsome I think I'm good

  3. Mangadex doesn't upload the scam translations. Spinyback has not translated chapter 135 yet, which contains the actual resolution for Doppo vs Kehaya.

  4. Because even if its allowed its still thoughtful to at least ask the artist.

  5. I feel like the only time you need permission is when your trying to profit off it any other time just sounds dumb

  6. How do we get this to the devs I haven't touched the game in about a month but this would definitely bring me back

  7. Yeah let's see more porn up in this bitch for power scaling purposes obviously

  8. I don't know a lot about overwatch but can't moria suck his life out and sigma and make black holes I don't think he's making it out

  9. What if denji has unlimited blood in round one sure he doesn't have the skill but he can keep healing and eventually wear guts out maybe

  10. I just finished reading the chapter and the first thing I did was go to Reddit cause that was bullshit

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