1. The upcoming change deprecating basic auth is for Exchange Online only, but you should be turning off basic auth wherever you can - it'll only be a matter of time before it's turned off entirely due to its lack of security.

  2. Thank you. I agree, but ultimately the printers will need an update before we can do this.

  3. Probably worth clarifying, this particular machine is a unique case, and we're in a production environment so we're not going to be making changes to the existing rules / deployments for this one instance.

  4. I can't try but doesn't

  5. Not on the version I have. Those hide the source and destination addresses respectively.

  6. Do you have one of those cheap cable wire testers for RJ45? It might just be a connector or one of the conductor wires.

  7. Yes, Speaking from experience, it's possible to run pihole on a box that you've setup for routing.

  8. I was hoping someone would tell me how :D

  9. I've outdone myself this time. I didn't spot that the URL I was trying to reach was actually on port 10000. Added that to the home zone in firewalld - sorted.

  10. So... you're making this box a gateway to the internet? So you need masquerading. Just allow the specific range to the presume webserver.

  11. Masquerading is on and internet access is working. It's http / https access between devices on the lan that isn't working.

  12. Yep. Traffic on eth0 (the lan side) routes internally. Traffic for the wan hits the gateway on eth1.

  13. This probably highlights the fact I don’t know what I’m doing - as I have no idea what this means!

  14. Whilst you’re right that the PI is more capable than Sky hardware you will be limited in throughout due to using USB.

  15. The connection works fine without spoofing (I can use the tp-link router to connect by passing 'dummy' creds - e.g.

  16. Perhaps I’m not groking this right, if you’re on FTTH and have an ONT why do you need the TP Link? Or are you saying you’re on DSL and need the TP Link as a DSL MODEM?

  17. Correct. Connection is FTTC and the TP-Link is the modem (or that's the intention).

  18. The Genius Pro doesn’t have a z-stop - it doesn’t need one as it has the auto leveling.

  19. Use a managed identity for the email or use a secure store you query like Azure Key Vault. Never store passwords/hashes in a script.

  20. 100% agree. I’ve used CliXML in PS to store a hashed credential and retrieve it for later use, but I was looking for something similar that I could use for a batch file.

  21. Right, but he’s asking about using a ps script to import hashed creds. I guess you’d have to be able to auth against ad at least temporarily to generate the file.

  22. Let me give a bit more detail as I've confused myself.

  23. Sorry just seen this. I think part of the problem was I didn’t understand z=0 and z-offset.

  24. When run from an administrative command prompt on the computer, does gpresult /r show the policy applied?

  25. Yep. If I exempt the logged in user (me), it's disallowed in the user scope but applied in the computer scope.

  26. So you have both a computer and user component in this policy?

  27. Yep - BUT, I've just deleted all the changes I've made and re-added them, and it's now working after a gpupdate.

  28. Same result. I'm pretty sure errors due to TLS are not the same as the above.

  29. Yeah it doesn't work, that's why you have to authenticate to send, however it works if you tested to Google for example,

  30. If I telnet from my own machine to the same location it connects straight away.

  31. I have some Creality style clips but I've just been using small binder clips, myself. Get the smallest ones that will work. There's a good 5mm all the way around the bed where the nozzle can't go anyhow. Binder clips lay a lot flatter than bulldog clips, and I use them in front and behind, not to the sides.

  32. It's not the nozzle so much as the cooling duct etc - when the nozzle is at the edge of the usable bed, the duct assembly is overhanging - at least on mine.

  33. You do it the same way as aligning the midpoints of 2 parts to each other, but instead of selecting the second part you select that arbitrary line. You can either make that line (in a sketch or similar), or use one of the origin lines (every file/component in Fusion has an origin, composed of a point, 3 lines, and 3 planes. To see it, hit the eyeball icon next to "Origin" on the left of the screen).

  34. I can’t see any option in the align menu to align sketches at all. I assume I’m doing something wrong though.

  35. You can also align items by control-clicking them, then right-clicking, and hitting "Align". The second object selected will move to be aligned with the first.

  36. I'm probably not explaining what I'm trying to do very well. But I can't get any of the above to give me anything like what I'm after.

  37. Usually a sign of a partial clog or heat creep. Give the hot end a good clean out and if it still persists you may need to replace your hot end fan (not dissipating heat fast enough) Also degraded PTFE tube (lines heatbreak to nozzle on stock setup) can get deformed and cause blocking over time of a print.

  38. This actually looks like it was a loss of tension in the extruder gear (not really a gear, but you know what I mean).

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