1. Astral experimentations on women by military industrial complex men

  2. Interesting. Do you have any links to find out more?

  3. The books been scrubbed from the internet. I'm waiting to see if anon will send me theirs

  4. Spitits use thoughts and emotions (which you think are your own) to lure you into a particular frequency that they have mastery over. It's like a glue trap, the more you try and escape the more they will feed confirmation to that particular emotion or intrusive thought (or lack of thought). To escape, one needs to facilitate drastic change in the internal environment, most easily done by infusing chaos into the physical. The goal is to break the spiral youve been patterned into. You have to change the frequency you've been trapped in

  5. They’ve got me good bro, how exactly can i change this frequency with chaos?

  6. Music or hz binaurals have interesting results. It's like color theory. You want to counter whatever state of mind youre in by doing or experiencing the opposite. Track your patterns. If you usually react to x with y, try b or d

  7. The real plot twist is that op is the bf and got a bunch of internet autists to charge their shitty sigil for free.

  8. Your link for the AR2001 story seems to be incorrect. Could you repost the live one?

  9. Dreams seem very artificial these days. Like escape room hijinks that are meant to keep consciousness distracted from the important things of the astral

  10. ok nevermind i will explain (talk out of my ass):

  11. It's wild how political health and diet gets once profits are in danger of being disrupted

  12. King shit fr might not drink water for four days and see if I just float out of here

  13. A few questions from someone who knows absolutely nothing about programming. How do you communicate with GPT 3. Will GPT neo have the emotional intensity of GPT3 (it's free I know I know) Second, I want to be able to train an AI with data, pdfs, music, and in general, communicate with it but I don't know coding. Is there generic code that I can copy paste into something like juypter, run, and then train converse with. Thx

  14. Well food nightlife and overall vibe does it feel compared to Portland

  15. Explain the backstory anon did the mushies show you how to escape samsara?

  16. Yes!! Do I have the books for you. Michael Ford's Maskim Hul. Chok full of hymns, cuneiform, and history, it's a good opening text. I'd highly recommend his Gates of Dozak which is really just primal sorcery and is a good springboard for reaching out to the abyss dwellers Ford is a LHP luciferian, so do keep that in mind.

  17. Trying to figure out how to turn off artificial brain and activate god brain. When the day arrives, I will be unstoppable

  18. Your sage advice would be monumental. How did you get the mead of poetry to flow

  19. At 17 my broken pattern recognition decided to latch onto black cube theory and it's never been the same since

  20. In the leaked podesta emails they are discussing joining the galactic federation lolz

  21. ALTERNATELY, if you regularly perform the rosary with your eyes closed, you'll see like giant ornate rooms and possibly even Mary herself. It's true.

  22. All gods, saints and loa are products of the superspectrum ( see John Keel's The Eighth Tower)

  23. I wish that there was a non-anthropomorphic doomsday cult that I could join, to beckon the nearest black hole to come and visit us and so end the Kali Yuga.

  24. Kung Fu Panda is deeply alchemical, the end being that the big secret is yourself is directly from the wise men of Ancient Egypt

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