1. This is almost the same scene I saw in 1989 in Guangzhou after Tienammen. The CCP expunged the people so I saw hundreds of thousands on the sidewalk just waiting to die.

  2. They are here to rape and eat your children. While using all of society as a battery.

  3. Duh. They need it to bolster their immune systems. Why do you think they're grey?

  4. The Sumerians wrote about being tasked to mine for Aliens. They didn't say why

  5. If I lived in Europe I would stack gold, but I'm an American so I stack silver. Europe will go to a gold standard, the Americas will go to a gold/silver standard

  6. Lots of good gear there for the taking. I first went to Guangzhou in 1989 after Tienammen. Good people there.

  7. I suppose if it could buy more drugs. Why not?

  8. What drug dealer would take a form of payment that can be instantly tracked?

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