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  1. Sadly, yet ironically, the people who support her this ARE already collecting CPP. They will drain the pot, vote for her, complain about the influx of immigrants (because why do we need immigrants ?) while getting their diaper changed by one, and then die.

  2. Just no. Not the pension. You need to go

  3. Let’s add the breakdown of families, divisions between friends and the rising incidences of domestic abuse due to the stress this has caused.

  4. There’s a bunch of different things going around schools. One is a nasty sinus type cold that doesn’t test positive of Covid.

  5. I had this virus (or one like it) 2 weeks after recovering from COVID in the Spring. It hit me like a ton of bricks. The congestion and the cough was unreal.

  6. It's like no one has learnt a thing from covid. If your kid is sick, keep them at home instead of having them spread their germs to everyone else.

  7. Sure, but it’s November and many of us have no more sick days or vacation available at our jobs, because they got all used up for reasons related to COVID. I only have three family illness days and I have three kids. Throughout this whole pandemic the powers that be did little to change sick time. Put on top of this inflation, and who can afford a day off without pay?

  8. I’m just curious… I live in Alberta and everytime I’m out of the city, driving by farms and such, I notice a lot of really nice, newly built homes. Is there ACTUALLY a poor farmer in Alberta?

  9. Wait people don’t wanna work for $17 an hour and do 2 2hour split shifts in a day? Really????? Wow how crazy! I would love to go into work twice per day for two hours each time and be in charge of 60 kids lives for only $78 a day before tax. /s

  10. Hey I live there! Though I’ve heard that Korean BBQ is awesome and we don’t have that….yet.

  11. I count less than 50 people in this picture. At least one is absolutely loony.

  12. I’m here too… though coming up six months now. The first little while I had no contact for about six weeks and after that it felt like ground zero at Hiroshima. Now the hard days are still there but more good days now.

  13. I agree. It’s largely racially motivated. I rarely see these types of people complaining about the Ukrainian immigrants who largely speak zero English because they’re white.

  14. A lot of podcasts. You name it it’s out there on Spotify. Audiobooks on how to get through this. Journaling especially when there’s no one available to talk to. Practicing gratitude: it actually works.

  15. Labelling every ex-partner a narcissist. I feel like this is the “IN” thing right now.

  16. I should have elaborated but what I meant was that we seem so quick to label someone a narcissist as the reason the relationship broke down. Most people who use that label don’t actually understand the meanings behind it. My understanding is that most true narcissists are also sociopaths. There’s no denying they are out there, but every other person isn’t a narcissist. I just seem to hear that term so often in the last five years.

  17. For your kid’s sake they should stay in the home as it’s security for them while they go through this with you. If you take the kids and he doesn’t agree, yes it’s at the very most kidnapping at the very least it doesn’t look good for you in court.

  18. I’m sorry, as someone standing on the other side of separation I can understand but I think you need to grow up a little bit. Marriage is work. Work that requires a lot of humbling and compromise.

  19. Sometimes you have your heart set on a name your whole life and then when you carry that baby you feel like that name you loved doesn’t fit.

  20. Should I ask principal to move my son to other school? I completely lost my trust with them. But the problem is this is the only school that my house is zoned.

  21. If the principal does nothing should contact the ATA. That teacher 100 % violated the Code of Conduct.

  22. My first child just turned 1 yesterday. Does anyone know how fucking dumb you have to be to not know how to raise a child?

  23. I’m in a similar situation. Our marriage became toxic and we decided to separate. I live in limbo every single day since May. It’s hell. There’s a potential that we could work things out and we are in therapy. However I’m hearing a lot of denial regarding his behaviour, and he says that we should stay separate until we can figure things out. In the meantime we are working out a separation agreement in the event that we should persue divorce and it’s hard to stomach. I didn’t want this.

  24. Possibly not COVID - I picked something up just before folk fest - it was nasty with chills, a dry cough, aching bones and joints and could barely move but did 8 Covid tests, over the span of 5 days, all negative. Seemed to get mostly better with just the occasional cough, went away to visit sister and her baby in Europe. Was home 24, hours and wham cough much worse now with sore throat. My ear drums bursts 47 hours later and I got horrid pink eye. Actually ended with up with a puffer and antibiotics but still test negative for COVIF.

  25. I had this in late May. I tested positive for COVID two weeks before and had mild symptoms. Two weeks later I get hit by this nasty respiratory infection. The cough was horrible and because of it I blew my eardrum. My hearing still isn’t 100%.

  26. Oh interesting, it does not have the Covid symptoms several medical professions noted that, even with the false positive and negatives I did a lot of tests, but the cough is horrid. Funnily enough the Dr couldn't find my ear drums because of all the infection.

  27. I get that urban sprawl is an issue and we should all consider living closer to the core, but has anyone considered the ratio of people working in the industrial areas out of and around the city compared to the population that works downtown? Is it possible that these people live here because they work or own businesses in these areas???

  28. That’s fair. Just my neighborhood perhaps. I also went to one of them as a kid and found the education lacking. There were some eye openers when I went to uni. Mostly in health, sex Ed etc. thank god for the internet!

  29. I work as a Catholic teacher. Maybe not where and when you were growing up, but assure you the quality of education is equal to the public schools as it is also publicly funded and must account for how they deal with funding just as the public board does.

  30. Not obsess over boys and wanting a boyfriend. Be nicer to my friends. Not be afraid to travel at 18 or live overseas.

  31. We “adopted” a feral cat 7 years ago. I’d say semi feral because she’ll hang out on our deck and waits for her dinner. She’ll never let you touch her but she loves our dog (and the dog before that) and will sit outside with us in the summer.

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