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  1. He might still be interested but since he fucked up maybe he wants to give you a hint and see if you reach out. Or he just thinks whatever you are doing in your stories is interesting. Only message him if you want to or are interested in him. Otherwise just ignore it.

  2. People like the prestige of going to a university. It’s like buying name brand soda instead of generic. A lot of people are also interested in the large party scene that universities tend to have more of.

  3. Alright maybe it was 40oz’s but still. It was basically a large drinking glass size

  4. Still that’s like keeping a fish in an empty bottle of Old English

  5. You’ll have to wait til October or you can try ordering modafinil and see if that helps at all.

  6. It’s like the people who keep setting a date for the rapture or the apocalypse and pushing it back every time it doesn’t happen.

  7. Hydrate, eat fruit, fiber, fiber supplement, try a stool softener in addition to the original laxative, try taking another dose as directed on the box, try a stronger laxative, then try an enema, if all that fails, doctor. If you already smoke cigarettes, a cigarette can help stimulate the bowels. If you don’t already smoke I do not suggest smoking. Caffeine will also stimulate the bowels, but make sure you stay hydrated. Be safe make sure you don’t take 2 different laxatives at once or take more than is recommended on the labels.

  8. I’d imagine they would tell you you can only buy 1, 3, or 6. It’s right across the street from my job I could go in and try to buy 2 or fry to buy 3 “individual” jalapeños and update. Lol

  9. The reason is that they want to discourage customers from buying more than one. They have a limited supply, and low profit margin.

  10. I’m not sure they have to worry about running out too quickly. Do people even eat jalapeños with fried chicken? Is that a common thing? Maybe it is and I’m just out of the loop.

  11. Specialized equipment to analyze blood, special training to take blood, people to transport it and facilities to store it. Sure, it should be free.

  12. My understanding of 'Point Of Service' meant that it would be covered by insurance, and of no cost to the individual.

  13. Because we’ve been put through a lot. Ridiculous prices for healthcare, hospital bills, drug prices, house prices rising, student debt putting everyone under, gun violence, addiction and overdoses, over-incarceration, outsourcing of jobs, endless wars that benefit a small few, 7.25 minimum wage, massive wealth inequality, homelessness, people barely scraping by, etc. Hillary Clinton was a status quo candidate, was very unpopular, corrupt and wanted to essentially keep things the same. Trump came along saying he was going to “drain the swamp” eliminate corruption, bring back jobs from overseas, stand up to the pharmaceutical companies, end the wars, etc. mixed with a lot of hateful rhetoric, and people were like “fuck it” and they took a chance with him. He ended up being just as corrupt if not way more corrupt than the previous establishment, and in his second campaign he didn’t talk as much about that stuff so he ended up losing that time around. I’m going to link an ad for you. Watch it. It will be a little eye opening. You can choose to ignore the commentary that is alongside the ad in this video. I am not saying I agree or disagree with his analysis. This is just the quickest way for me to find this specific ad.

  14. Happened to me at a hotel in Napa. Water company said "they changed over reservoir and that causes sediment to get in". I was flabbergasted that everyone there said it's normal and happens a couple times a year. How is that acceptable or meet drinking water quality standards? I still can't believe it.

  15. Well Flint still has toxic water, so I’m not surprised this kind of thing is happening elsewhere.

  16. BREAKING: Fantastic_Cut_7697 Finally Learns How to Spell “Stairs”.

  17. Learning to drive an automatic was easy. I got the hang of it really fast. Learning to drive a manual though frustrated the shit out of me.

  18. So far there isn’t as much irritability as some of the other generics I’ve tried. The only one I can name off the top of my head was Mallinckrodt and they made me just constantly irritated, idk if it’s the fillers in them or something else but these ones are acting more like the original XR prescription I had as a kid. For a while I had a bright green and opaque white 15mg xr capsule that I can’t find anywhere so I don’t know what company made them, but they also worked really well for me besides the dose being a little low.

  19. The irritability/anxiety is the reason I asked my Doc to switch me from Adderall to Dexedrine. Dexedrine is 100% dextroamphetamine while Adderall is roughly 70% Dextroamphetamine 30% Amephetamine. The amphetamine causes more anxiety, irritability, and shakiness. What you’re probably noticing in the different brands is a difference in the amount of amphetamine mixed in. If you think your doctor would listen, I’d suggest asking about Dexedrine. It’s so much smoother. It was a major improvement on my overall mood and how I feel on a day to day basis for me.

  20. They can feel another Jedi in distress from light years away but can’t feel the Sith Lord who runs the senate

  21. Because there’s a 90 year old televangelist that needs a third private jet.

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