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  1. I just want to dress up in my military uniform underwhich i have thighhighs and all the good stuff.

  2. Imagine what would happen if your commerade(s) find out what you are wearing))) it would be interesting to watch))

  3. Just madness haha, it would be difficult to explain to their girl friends thats for certain.

  4. I am late but i got banned from there cause i dared argue how rape jokes aren't the end of the world. Bassicly i stated how just cause rape jokes exist it dosen't normalize it due to empathy and all, if you lack empathy its meaningless if you hear rape jokes or not, i got downvoted and sent articles about supposed studies where man get studied for sexism, it went like this, test men for sexism. Say rape jokes with female and male researcher. Both cases "sexism" increased as they found the jokes acceptable and not at all blood boiling. Now my problem is that what is sexism here? It can be edgy humor to actual pos behavior. I asked for clarification, i got blocked and banned.

  5. Ah yes, and I should trust the zero articles that support your claims. Its good that you aren't apparently effected by rape jokes, but the entire world isn't you.

  6. Again. If it detemines sexism as this its a unaccurate refrence, example. Video games cause violance got tested for aggression by testing if foes in games would put hot sauce in each other's food. Which isn't really agression is it? This caused inaccurate readings of useless so called evidence. This is why these need to be more exact to be taken seriously. As sexism could be simple as being edgy or actually being a wife beater pos.

  7. Alright, you aren't backing up your information with any credible source or actual content or even reading the credible sources i have oinked, including harvards study on this. This is a waste of time. Im reporting you for misinformation because I don't care enough to keep arguing. I hope you have a great night.

  8. Also for missinformation cause i showed distrust against your sources which may have missinformation in them? Lunacy...

  9. Oh. Oh no. This implies that all report feedback messages mean nothing and mean no one was actually banned

  10. I can only guess. But maybe because they refuse what others consider basic human right. Like same sex marriage or abortions. Honestly I don't know what is the state of laws rights now, but I know there was some controversy around.

  11. First of all i typed how i am not having a hard time with pyros. Whoever needs a shotgun against a spamming pyro is a loser and shouldn't be near ugc at all.

  12. nah i'd argue it's 100 percent accurate

  13. Kids just repepat everything. The "someone shouldnreport you for span" really makes me believe its a kid.

  14. Maybe start with article 4 before we lose our heads completely? At least find out for sure where those missiles came from.

  15. I hate this fucking calculator the on button is slightly more lower than the other buttons. It fucks with my ocd.

  16. So in a way..... . . it's a square of scissors (I'll see myself out)

  17. Putin* not Russia. Russia and the citizens are innocent tbh

  18. If blaming Ukrainians is their coke then pretending the US is an evil empire is their heroin

  19. No dead families and collapsed buildings due to israeli attacks, is it truly palestine then?

  20. I mock stupid ass fake Videos an ppl who believe them. Like both vids Posted By OP

  21. Well yes, but now in this case you critiqued it just beacause you tought it was fake without actual backproof or knowledge behind it. Bassicly the assumption made you believe it.

  22. What’s fuckin hilarious is that you’re doing the inverse with this video and not even reading any of the hundreds of sources people are posting saying this is staged animal cruelty.

  23. The pyro could had saved the engie or the dispenser but nooo he climbed up there to make a melle ambush. Afk pyro vote kick. (Nice art i love the scene).

  24. I don’t want to disrespect anyone because I understand the discomfort that receiving unwanted attention can cause, but the “horniness shaming” is really starting to annoy me. You’re not better than anyone just because you happened to be born with a lower sex drive, and you didn’t consciously make the decision to “step above it”. The same way that people should respect your wishes not to be sexualized, you should respect that being horny is literally the only thing that makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint, you’re the odd one out for not having your thoughts and actions driven by those desires, and that the same way you didn’t choose your lowered sex drive, we didn’t choose our sex drive.

  25. Oh no, i am talking about coomers and such who go for it too much. I have a friend like this who like to brag about his "laddies." He tried dating one of my friends and it was sooo cringy watching it. He planned out some stuff like getting married? And honestly it was just a lot of second hand emberassment. These i despise for only thinking about it and thinking they are cool or something. I am not a holy virgin, i am not a saint. Sorry i wrote it in a more confusing way. I didn't ment to wag my finger around to act more "above". I am not i accept that. My mistake.

  26. As an european it feels weird to me that this was a new occasion... good nevertheless.

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