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  1. Why am I seeing lot of shit posting on this sub, some of them not related to history at all. I remember laughing a lot when I first joined this sub few years ago. Now it's all shit.

  2. Not defending your players blindly when they're in the wrong is showing true spirit of the game like the late Aussie gentleman did here.

  3. I doubt it, the words of choice seems like an Indian, probably an NRI

  4. Deployed 150+ crafts in a span of 5 years, that's a lot, I wonder how many of them are fully operational.

  5. Are you kiddin! IAF SU30 MKIs are superior jets even against Chinese SU35s. These are upgraded with best of radar and EW suite, jammers, BWR missiles, Brahmos missiles and Thrust Vectoring capacity with Canard for high maneuverability. PAF F16s are not even matched against IAF SU30s. Remember it's always man behind the machines and IAF has the record of highly trained fighters pilots. Still our Mig 21 are able to evade F16 missiles and are able to knock one of the PAF F16 off even before getting shit down by another. And HAL is a govt. Owned entity and if you compare USA and China ..a lot of Private companies are involved in the manufacturing of the jets and other military equipment. We are doing good with whatever infrastructure available here....just that needs to be speed up a bit may be by involving more private players. And once the SU30 MKIs are upgraded to Super Sukhois, it will be a game changer.

  6. No, do you know how many variants of SU 27 does china use , 6 . Which include j11 and j11b completely made in china both are advanced and fixed with powerful weaponry.

  7. Anchor too, isn't that the reason that caused Lunas demise

  8. I am a tax payer sirji, if these clowns are stuffing themselves with carbs and not looking into balanced nutrition,what's the point of paying taxes.

  9. Tax payer 🤡, income tax payers stats go brrrr Also those pot bellied can probably run faster than you Military is all about endurance

  10. So you acknowledge they have pot belly but instead of talking about it you are too much invested in defending those bellies.

  11. Your underwear band is constricting the underside of the pipe ,pull underwear way down. Also If you are uncircumcised, I suggest you pull back the skin and do the business.

  12. I have seen flight videos of tejas ,grippen and rafale. Tejas handling has this dead weight feeling. When tejas does a roll it feels it does with some difficulty but grippen does it so smoothly . Is there a reason for that?

  13. Shooting PR videos at 720p with a 25 frames per second tends to do that.

  14. Do you have any links with higher resolution of tejas

  15. LCH is a sleek looking boy, optimization can be done on landing gear tho.

  16. This guy used to host some of the most popular shows like starwars and Yahoo.

  17. How old is that shit, why block the logistics with this shit when there are no drivers to drive them

  18. People are missing the big picture. USA is dumping their inflation onto the world. It's high time countries drop USD To counter this. Look at Ukraine war, US isn't giving away money from it's vault, it's printing money, billions of it.

  19. Those are anti terrorism missions ,nothing to do with war experience, maybe our units from UN peace keeping have better experience.

  20. If we blow the 3 gorges then the damage will be unimaginable. It would be one of the worst humanitarian crisis with trillions of dollars of loss and tens of millions dying and they wouldn't be able to recover or rebuild that much for next 100 years. I am not saying we should blow it but am saying what damage it could do. And also anyone can pass through anything if we overwhelm them

  21. I thought indian reporters, wtf indian reporters are doing in Pakistan, then read the post again.

  22. The thing is , many people are wary of online crap, Unlike USA our ecommerce has less quality so there is no threat to malls any soon

  23. TtheWire ladies and gentlemen, people forget that there are whole array of experiments that are supposed to be conducted in space known as microgravity and zero gravity experiments. US ,EU and all other agencies are way ahead in this fields and churn out papers like no tomorrow,

  24. Producer: all right we have to come up with movie name

  25. Moral of this story, men know what's best for women/s

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