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  1. Yes we're shutting Ireland down. It's just disappointing we're not converting it to points.

  2. A v2 when v1 hasnt even started yet 😂 a scam I would assume

  3. Will they still be able to comment or is that restricted too?

  4. It’s only been a day since the post. Give them some time man

  5. Just a quick question. I was in this snapshot for my coinbase account but it got hacked. I now use trust wallet. Am I still eligible for an airdrop or it it only the people that were in the snapshot?

  6. Damn right! That guy posted that crap and it just baffles me that people seriously think its just ROBO.

  7. They invest in a volatile asset and complain when it goes down 😂. Better not see their usernames celebrate the highs if they behave like this in the lows

  8. 3.1T? That's not enuff. You need to get busy buying! What other token do you have?

  9. Please note that your version of “not enuff” might be another persons absolute limit of spare funds.

  10. Maybe 3.1T is more than enough for this person. Not very nice to say someone’s investment isn’t “ennuf” for your standards

  11. Why would we hop on exchanges with nothing to show for ourselves but an idea? Lets get some utilities first so that when we hit the exchanges people will have a reason to buy our tokens

  12. “Here long term” “growing impatient” bruh

  13. If you can’t wait a few years for an investment to start paying off, why are you investing in the first place. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme

  14. I don't think I'll ever get used to the Irish mentality of shitposting at all cost. It seems childish to me.

  15. We don’t claim the above man. He just seems like a tool, most of us are fine 😂

  16. Oh cool a 2 on 1 tackle was the highlight of his career

  17. Name a better man in the lineout 😂 6”10 monster

  18. Connor Murray coming on to slow it down and run the clock out

  19. Id rather him slow it down that JPG make an error every 2 mins

  20. Earls at 13 stresses me out, especially against the ABs.

  21. What’s worrying for Ireland here is NZ haven’t even been close to their best

  22. If you know an out half better than Sexton then please let us know.

  23. There isn’t, but atleast try to accept that he is fucking 36 and try to develope what little talent we have behind him before we are left high and dry with nothing

  24. You have big ambitions my friend. We all hope you're right. Right now there's no bottom in sight and it could be an alt coin death

  25. Very unlikely. Community is too strong. All the alts follow the Eth/Btc and currently they are bleeding. Even still we are not in that bad of a spot compared to others

  26. This is it right here. We've been growing at a slow rate because we're doing it sans fertilizer (hype) The type of investor we have been attracting have joined because they think we have a fair shot at it. They believe. This sort of investor will stick with us during good times and bad. There are some big name Alt Coins out there hemorrhaging investors currently ... do you see any of that in us? Nah. Too much hype, not enough belief. Together we strong brother!

  27. I know for a fact EthShib is bleeding like there is no tomorrow and that is a coin that is BSC that just launched on ETH was supposed to explode but with the current market it is haemorrhaging investors.

  28. Did anyone see the audit details? Batman lead dev doesn’t have a fucking clue. Always playing catch up and gets pissy when challenged

  29. Crypto is volatile. If you can’t accept that and be ready for good and bad times, stick to stocks and index’s

  30. Inevitable with every project. Initial investors will take their well earned profit and you can’t really blame some as they have probs already 10-50x their initial investments

  31. Another (I reckon bolter) is going to be Coyote Coin. They launch in the next few weeks. Launch No2. That team is a class act. There's an excellent chance that if you like RBIF then you'll like HOWL.

  32. Eh I have like a third of a BSC in it because I think it has potential and I like the plans they have although I’m sceptical of a rug pull seeing as they just hyping it before having an actual product to show for it

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