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  1. Like everyone else is saying it's all personal opinion. I've eaten all species around here lol sunfish, lgm bass, chain pickerel, bowfin, gar it's all good just whether or not you like fish

  2. What a beauty. Snakeheads are a top 5 for new species to catch

  3. Fliers are so underrated. They are a awesome fish to catch, taste great, and have beautiful colors!

  4. Visited Georgia recently trying to find one. No luck but I did get a warmouth which was also on my list

  5. We have bunches of em here in SC warmouth too and big ones at that

  6. How's the weather out there? P.S It looks chill to fish there, amazing spot buddy.

  7. Starting to feel more like winter. Was a beautiful 64°F today

  8. Sat down with your snacks instead?

  9. I love fishing creeks like these there’s just something about catching fish in a place you maybe wouldn’t have expected to. What’s in there?

  10. Caught a chain pickerel but there's likely sunfish and maybe bass

  11. I know lol I was saying had no luck with crappie but I finally got into some fish. Guess I could've worded it different

  12. Awesome haul =) and still didnt quite limit out lol (for here anyways) enjoy supper =)

  13. You may have to fish it over different types of days, weather conditions to see what those fish are looking for. Also, like every has said, downsize. Try the small 2 inch swimbaits in natural colors if you have seen minnows.

  14. Will do. Certainly will not give up over one bad day. I know there's a biggin in here somewhere lol

  15. Yeah, it's amazing how dead a water system can seem until you figure them out.

  16. We have a few black water creeks nearby that are fairly long and lead back into the main river. Everyone says they are no good fishing but i think there is a monster in every body of water

  17. Awesome catch! They are rare to catch here much less one that big.

  18. Unfortunately caught nothing today. But I'll probably come back in the future

  19. Sad to report didn't catch anything. But there are fish here in guessing maybe it's to cold? Water temp feels like high 40s

  20. Nice! Never been that far upstate. I'm right on the coast so I usually hit the santee river

  21. It's a beautiful place and good fishin. Can't think of any other place I'd wanna be

  22. I there is a natural pond near me that is full of them. But they are so small and bony I wouldn't bother. You must be more patient than me.

  23. The smaller ones fry right up and you can eat the bones as well. I've caught a few close to a pound. It's a dream of mine to catch a record size redfin lol

  24. Fingers crossed, one day lol. I love how sweet they taste. For sure in my top 5 fish to eat. Your mom had good taste

  25. Is that a redbreast? Never caught one that dark before

  26. Yessir I believe so. I don't catch em often or this size. It's a beauty tho

  27. Ever eat one? I've eaten gar once and it was a longnose about 10 to 12 lbs and tasted pretty good. Always wonder how smaller gar would taste

  28. Thanks for the tips. Getting some warmer weather in the coming week got a day planned to go hopefully to get me a monster.

  29. The warmer weather might have them pushed against hard structure or right under the pads

  30. Gonna be in the mid 60s water temp would be in the low 60s to 50s I would guess.

  31. What a damn beauty man! I'm still dreaming of catching one that size lol

  32. Muscles make AMAZING catfish bait so.. yes. That fish, has been eating a TON of them though.

  33. Are the white bass any good eating ? I've only caught one but never tried them. I've always heard they were trash fish

  34. Definitely not trash, I mix the meat with my walleye meat and i would not taste the difference, but obviously you can see it. Plus they are easier to clean then walleye.

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