1. BV was gone for a week for family stuff and I actually got laid when she got home AND this morning. I don't think anything could ruin my day at this point.

  2. It’s bullshit as in they advertised and sold the item for the price. The business should honor it and any issue is between the dealer and beretta.

  3. So bolt didn’t even move which means there’s no gas being diverted. You mentioned it racks by hand which would suggest there’s no binding.

  4. LL bean ain’t what it was. I choose the captains with the lug over the bucksports, Never could find concrete details on the Ll beans. All I could find was made in Vietnam and reviews are iffy at best. These aren’t the Katadhins that were awesome.

  5. Politician who wants a federal registry is concerned and worried about a trade organization gathering info in a registry? Seems like they would love each other

  6. Big time mad at the wifey right now. I can't believe she doesn't want to do a couple costume this year for Halloween!

  7. I just started drinking beer this year after avoiding it for a while, so I've been cycling through cheap beers to find my favorite. I guess I have trash taste because my favorite one is bud ice and it had one of the lowest score I saw on some beer site for nerds like me.

  8. John lecarre : take your pick of books , im working my way through George Smiley novels

  9. No ,but interested as I used to love TSU and their case shipping / prime

  10. Follow up: Shot 3 boxes of these today and no complaints! Would buy these again

  11. How was the feel ? Notice how far the empty went (if using a semi) ?

  12. Nah, bring it up early so you don’t waste your time. Being in a relationship or marrying someone with a different set of values is a recipe for disaster. He saved the date money, his time and frustration by just being upfront asking her stance. I say solid move on his part.

  13. Better get it out of the way now instead of moving in together, getting married or kids and she goes I don’t want guns blah blah blah.

  14. Ha. Well, I'm gathering from these other responses that it's something you should hold on to regardless.

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