1. I called the park ranger, they called me back an hour later to confirm exactly where I saw the rabbit. Apparently I wasn't the only one who had called about it either.

  2. I had to leave my old position because I was the same, I was propping up 8 other people. Management didn't fully grasp how much I was doing until I started to give back my responsibilities to them.

  3. Do you recall where you got that spiderman picture from?

  4. I got it from Sideshow Collectibles, limited to 301 prints. I believe it's currently sold out though.

  5. American Kestrel. Strange crew

  6. The highly invasive European Starling. It is one of only like 3 birds, that are not protected by any law in North America. Every year, I make sure no Starlings are taking up residence on my property. If I find any nests, they get destroyed. They sadly compete with native species for nesting areas and food.

  7. That's interesting, I did see it chasing away other birds.

  8. I definitely gotta try that now, I have the pro mist filter and this looks pretty close to it

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