1. There are electric kettles out there that must run off of a 24 vdc system.

  2. This doesn't concern me. If Finland reports seeing Russian bombers capable of carrying nukes and afterwards goes radio silent, then we have an issue.

  3. It's not a 50% failure rate lol. The expectation is that for every enemy missile launched there will need to be at least 2 interceptors sent after them. Considering the physics involved that's actually pretty good.

  4. This is so wrong I don't even know where to begin. On EMP overloads the transistor internally. There is no fuse. Transistors burn themselves out. The only way to keep a transistor from burning itself out in a big EMP is to put it in a Faraday cage.

  5. You have to add a fuse between the panel and the controller. They have them for sale to be used in areas with large amounts of lightning storms.

  6. THIS IS A MYTH. Your little fuse will not blow during an EMP, but your electronics will be dead as doornails. The guy that sold you the fuse will be laughing at you.

  7. Of course little fuses will blow. That's why they're little. Thin filament fuses are designed to blow. Heck some companies use circuit breakers to make sure their high-gain antennas don't provide a surge into critical electronics.

  8. There are truck storage lockers you can buy. They come in different sizes so you'll be able to get one (or even two!) that will store a good amount of gear.

  9. There are truck storage lockers you can buy. They come in different sizes so you'll be able to get one (or even two!) that will store a good amount of gear.

  10. Anything you can refrigerate that tastes good cold, like pickles, yogurt (get the greek kind. It's very high in protein), pudding (the actual pudding, not just desert), plus think up a bunch of recipes you can just make with canned foods, spices, and condiments.

  11. Be sure to have a fresh water supply. My favorite move is to get one of those bags that you put in your bathtub to fill with water.

  12. Check this out. We found 3 of these wheat tins stored in an inconspicuous location at our new house, dated 1975.

  13. As I nibbled away it tasted just like flour, no rancidity what so ever.

  14. Very awesome. Just a little forethought and people can keep a reserve of grain indefinitely.

  15. That goes for a lot of sectors and industries. Not just pickets and ground folks. Folks are tired of shitty management and abusive customers

  16. It still blows my mind that the Great Resignation happened. I guess the tipping point was so many employers tried to get their employees to come to work even though with Covid it might kill them.

  17. Fear the man who fights and has nothing to lose.

  18. Keep in mind you'll probably be cut off from supplies for longer than 48 hours. Expect to stay down there for 2 days but stock enough supplies to last an additional week.

  19. Sweden is one of the best places to be. The have huge numbers of bunkers, preparedness is taught to everyone and it’s a huge country full of resources. And it’s not going to have a civil war…

  20. I second this. But think in terms of a few more moves on chessboard Europa. Are you going to want to be with your family WSHTF?

  21. It's Russia's weapon of last resort. They're utterly failing at conventional warfare, and Putin is just about out of options.

  22. I'm surprised they're even getting bullet-proof vests lol.

  23. This is getting weird. He's the second person to die who has been helping the Russian war effort.

  24. I would recommend "The Last Centurion". It's a bit late in the game but the book has some great philosophy on how to endure a mass pandemic, plus a lot of common sense survival advice.

  25. My post from a few years ago is a good example of this

  26. WTF is this?? My local grocery store donates all of its out-of-date foodstuffs directly to the local food bank. Why on earth is this store making sure that food gets wasted??

  27. I wonder about food banks sustaining right now. We had a local one here that was essentially putting Whole Foods boxes together and giving them away, no questions asked. It didn't take long for word to get around and people were taking advantage and the entire service stopped.

  28. Speaking of Wholefoods, they have strict rules about how long food can be on the shelves, which is way sooner than when it actually goes bad.

  29. You can also see it as a lot of stockpiles from the Cold War which now gets used for the purpose it was designed for…

  30. Gotta gear up for China too, in case they get any funny ideas about Taiwan.

  31. Right now they have too much to lose economically, plus the US has a few carrier battle groups orbiting around the area.

  32. They might want to check and see if the Holy Grail is in one of those chasms.

  33. Yes. Also the gas coming from pipelines. The smell will hopefully alert us to leaks.

  34. The smell has to be added. Companies in the US add Mercaptan to it so they'll notice a leak, but natural gas itself has no odor.

  35. Actually it's pretty common for guys to raise the flagpole when they fall asleep in the sun. It's if they grab it that things will take a turn for the worse.

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