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  1. Do you have a source for them announcing the system?

  2. I just want the items I own on different platforms to merge along with progress. Don’t know how you can have crossplay but won’t do this. Oh wait money that’s why.

  3. I agree that EA is stingy, but how is money the reason to NOT give us crosspprogression? I would never make the switch to another plattform if I can't take my stuff with me.

  4. I hate the fact that we got the charge rifle over the sentinel even though it's probably the worst close range weapon ever. I also feel like P20 is pretty goof in gun run due to the fact that most people will still have sniper rifle in close range fights when you get to the P20

  5. I do that already, but it's dps isn't really great

  6. Just a translation thing. The original term in CN is “杂物” which means miscellaneous / random stuff.

  7. I'm pretty sure you can use junk as random stuff or no? Definitely not the best term to use, but I wouldn't read it as trash in this context.

  8. There was no competitive integrity. They nerfed it for another reason and used "competitve integrity" as an excuse.

  9. Who the hell is that lol I haven’t played in ages

  10. They won't stop releasing characters just because you dont play anymore

  11. lol get downvoted you homophobe whose actually homosexual and compensating <3

  12. It means that it’s 2022 and the servers aren’t getting any better, I get this 7/10 times and there was this one time I played the game in slo mo

  13. While there's some really stupid problems with their server there's also obviosly problem on your end if you get those symbols in 70% of your games.

  14. There are plenty of solos unwilling to play together, die and insult you

  15. People being "terrified" is your (imo wrong) assumption to begin with since there's so many things in the way of proper communication.

  16. I dont really understand this, aren't the whole point of upvotes and downvotes used for people to agree and disagree with an opinion? How is it sad that people just disagree with the opinion said?

  17. They're just saying that the show wasn't for them and you can't really disagree with them on that + they even praised parts of the show. Definitely doesn't deserve to get all these downvotes.

  18. I guess thats true if you put it that way, but I always have the mindset that I can respect your opinion, but I still disagree, tho most of reddit probably isn't of the same mindset

  19. No no I definitely agree with you there. I just think this case doesn't work the same way

  20. Rumors is that she is having a rerun soon with her weapon. You can pull for that. Worst comes to worst you get Nahida weapon lol. ITS JUST RUMORS AND LEAKS THO.

  21. I wouldn't recommend summoning on that if you're f2p or a lightspender

  22. Level up her weapon, get better sands flower and cup, start beaming teyvat.

  23. I'm going to assume they are going for the least amount of dev work. These events barely impact the $$$ side, so developing them is purely passion for the game and for newer players to experience.

  24. Switch version is almost certainly being developed for an upcoming beefier Switch model.

  25. I mean look at botw and Xenoblade 3 and you see that Genshin could probably work with some compromises, but they could always release a cloud version which would probably be better than nothing at this point.

  26. Honestly? Horrible, but I like the use of the knuckle cluster on the first down to prevent potential knockdownshield use from the octane

  27. There are so many more incredible souls likes... don't forget nioh, code vein, the surge, jedi fallen order (if you're open minded and play grand Master difficulty) the world is your oyster, explore and be merry!

  28. Also I just remembered, but I just finished Ashen and while it's bosses are a bit easy I'd say its a fun coop expierence with imo beautiful areas to explore.

  29. This is genuinly funny since Demon Souls ans Bloodborne don't even have those systems and early DS2 relies on different heals as well.

  30. For me it's between KC and SP, KC is just 3rd party central while SP is just a snooze fest for me, I can go a whole game not finding a fight until the last squad.

  31. You just have to know the right spots to land on and you're having fights for the whole game on SP

  32. It took me multiple seasons as well tbf, but now it's tied for my favorite map and is my fav map in pubs.

  33. Kinda looks like it and to all the people downvoting you i don't think that they were saying this to make OP feel bad... Just look at AoT, Code Geass and EVA next to Black rock shooter? Two Toaru shows? Not that those shows are bad, but it kinda looks like we didn't have enough to put on the 3x3

  34. I legit made this as a joke only cuz most of the anime up there were the first I ever watched

  35. Code Geass was my fav anime as well when I was new, but now it's far from my fav

  36. i’m surprised you could come up with a comment as stupid as this

  37. Contender for top 10 most braindead comments on this sub

  38. I mean the one you responded to at first not yours if that wasnt clear enough

  39. It really isn't that much. Pretty sure another game implemented something similar.

  40. Dude 50 wins in apex are WAY harder to get than in Overwatch. 50 wins can take multiple seasons and is extremely unreasonable.

  41. The controller playerbase is way bigger... People forget that both inputs have advantages.

  42. Meh, it’s just not themed for a game where you kill people I guess. I understands Wattson’s persona but still, they could have made it a little bad ass and not a price checker.

  43. Ok kid. Opinions are opinions, your comment quality is just “L”.

  44. The result fits the attitude of the average ranked player

  45. So you'd rather be lied to than told the truth? It's really weird how many people here hate Joey just cuz he speaks his mind a little. Sure he has some questionable opinions sometimes, but you can't fault him for being realistic. Dude is busy, if he doesn't wanna watch it then he's not gonna. I don't remember a single instance of him talking shit about the series or it's fans but more so just being like "yeah, I know, I'll get to it if I want to" type energy.

  46. It's not that much work to think 'is there anybody that's not represented that I could try to include'. It's especially not that much work when these people are actively trying to reach out. That said I'm sure it was an innocent mistake and something he will bare in mind in future.

  47. I wouldn't invite someone who's starting drama for no reason especially with the unnecessary racism stuff. There's no black people in the pro scene? Then be the first team to represent them!

  48. Yeah I started banking side quests and just sticking to the main story until I reach an equilibrium of sorts; I'm at lvl 40 and most of the enemies around me now are around the same, but I really miss the option to level down from XCDE. Realistically, I'm not doing a speed run through this game just to open up functionality I would have preferred in the initial run. I'm still really enjoying the game, but it's really weird that trying to enjoy all of what the game has to offer is penalized like this.

  49. I just reached a point where you fight multiple very important and anticipated boss fights after another, but they felt kinda boring because I'm 25 level above them by just doing side content or unlocking class arts

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