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  • By - gyyp

  1. Make sure you get a PPI. That should give you a good idea how much work it needs if any.

  2. Pre purchase inspection. Costs somewhere between 100-200, but I would not buy one without it. I looked at 3 when I was getting one and all had major issues discovered through the PPI.

  3. I can only dream of having that much prc, so expensive here, happy reloading!

  4. Just out of curiosity, why did you choose 6.5 PRC to learn long range target shooting?

  5. I'm going to eventually take it hunting/ long range shooting

  6. Russia: trade time for space until winter…. Werks every time

  7. That's such a stupid saying, modern day logistics is superior for that argument. The Germans used horse and buggies to supply their army

  8. Germans used tanks and trucks and trains and aircraft. They lasted 1 winter, lost the second.

  9. Crack open a history book most of the Germany army relied on horses or on their own feet for transportation

  10. This decision is making less and less sense every day. Betos has at least 2-3 more seasons as a starter left in her. If she had been performing poorly, I’d get it. But why Racing felt they needed to let her go at this moment-that I don’t understand. She’s a fantastic leader and has lots of love for the city, both of which you need when building a culture around an expansion team. This might make more sense in time, but for now it’s baffling to me.

  11. Could it have anything to do with Holly or the other coaches?

  12. Dumb question, but how do you know which country your ak was made in?

  13. Dumb question indeed, it's somewhat common knowledge to know the home country based on the model of the gun

  14. PS is literally just squad but with ww2 equipment, the maps are to big and bland. The combat is not smooth, the graphics look like there from 2014 or 15 ( I run a 2080ti) over all just a bad game

  15. Holy crap. I’d love to know how tanks flipped back then. Maybe fell off a train in transport? Fell off a ramp trying to get up to transport?

  16. Go to your settings and check the games integrity, I've been playing for over a year and it's only crashed a handful of times

  17. I don’t know if the comments are serious, but if anyone is actually wondering, this is actually a shot from the movie ”the lost legion”. The actor is Tom Mckay, who is both the voice and model for Henry.

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