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  1. No problem here on ASUS ROG Phone 5 (no root/magisk, but I perpetually have a VPN on which hinders my connection some time)

  2. I used to be addicted to the hokey pokey, but I turned myself around.

  3. You could technically just import your defi wallet into Keplr and access it from both

  4. I would assume it would depend on the amount you're attempting to transfer and what chain it's on (depending on how congested that network is).

  5. Might be just the difference in how it is displayed. In the older version of the app, the number at the top displayed the total CRO, which was your staked amount plus whatever rewards were not yet claimed.

  6. Technically, it's not 7 days but 7 epochs, which fluctuate in time, but you shouldn't need to do anything after, at least not manually. Your ONE your be added to your overall wallet balance after.

  7. What is so confusing? I literally say it right there - with all the trouble we've had with this app, I am afraid to risk depositing 100 USD just so I can the 500 in it. A part of me might be happy with some reassurance "There are no further steps after making the deposit, you've cleared most of it, just one final step" or "there are no taxes when making a deposit and when withdrawing your money" etc. Or if someone knows a way to convert the USDC into something else like Steam Balance (I found a site for it, but not sure how trustworthy it is).

  8. Originally wrote a lengthy comment, but apparently didn't refresh to see your edits, so I delete and will update accordingly as it was worded with directions for one living in the US.

  9. Yes, it effectively is the same as selling your crypto for fiat and then topping up with that same amount.

  10. If you select Polygon in Trust wallet and hit (receive), it will tell you which network it is at the bottom (tells you which coins to send to avoid a loss of funds.

  11. Reply was completely wrong, rewards are autoclaimed into your wallet, but there's not a separate transaction for it. Go to your CRO wallet balance and view the transaction of your additional stake in the explorer. If you scroll down, it will show you the exact value of your autoclaimed rewards.

  12. I'm wondering if it's possible to import your looping wallet into CDC defi just so you can view receiving them on the Cronos chain, then either bridge them or send them back to the CDC app.

  13. Force stop and clear cache of either the play store or the Defi Wallet app.

  14. Look at the very last digit whenever you click the max amount. I ran into a thing where it was usually exactly 1 greater than the balance I had, so it would always error out.

  15. So i put one word when i transfer from defi and i put the same another time once i am in the app, in order to receive the CRO ?

  16. If you click the "deposit" option in the app and choose the chain, it will show you both the address and memo to use.

  17. OK, so why have the option to untick memo? What is the logic behind that at all?

  18. Because back to CDC isn't the only place to send your CRO? If you transfer to another non-custodial wallet, not an exchange, the memo isn't needed.

  19. May or may not be the exact same as your situation, but worth a shot.

  20. Make sure you withdrew via the chain from the main app. This question has been popping up a lot because the default chain to withdraw to on the app is now Cronos, you had to manually select

  21. To my understanding, USDC is pegged exactly 1:1 ratio to fiat USD by CDC. USDT, though still a stablecoin, isn't, so while the price will always remain relatively relatively close to 1 USD, spread is still apparent.

  22. What do you mean? Connect to Harmony mainnet rpc before importing the wallet?

  23. Metamask is technically built for Ethereum (in which Harmony is compatible with). If you go to the Harmony explorer and type in your original ONE wallet address ("one..."), you can go back between ONE and ETH style by toggling at the top of the page.

  24. I am aware of the address formatting differences. The format of the address (eth vs one) does not matter for importing. To import a wallet, you use the seed phrase or private key. If I import with my private key, it imports the correct wallet address. But my seed phrase, when used in MetaMask, is importing a completely different wallet address (both in the eth and one format, when viewed on block explorer). Basically, however MetaMask is pathwaying the seed phrase is different than how Harmony does, so you get a different wallet address.

  25. So to update everyone… it was scary but it worked. To sum it up below:

  26. 2 strange things happened. First, I had to manually type the key because I have it on my phone and this was done on the computer, in doing so… I did a typo and imported an address not mine! Hmmmmmm 🧐

  27. That first one would give me a heart attack, rofl. But yes, I also had that fee, so I think it's a fee for importing into Metamask.

  28. Don't know if this is a built in security feature, but there are previous posts here that have said that the first three tries after activating the card will actually fail, and then the fourth goes through.

  29. I'm assuming you mean for CRO. When you click Earn more, just choose the same validator.

  30. I mean, I don't know what the differences are between the Apple and the Android variant of the app, but I can tell you it's really built for simplicity. You just transfer and stake, collect rewards, etc.

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