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  1. A year after launching Africa’s first digital currency, Nigeria’s central bank is turning to the nation’s three-wheeler taxi operators to speed the adoption of the eNaira, as regulators across the world scrutinize its every move.

  2. Just adding in in case people want to donate but don't have Nano, you can swap even fairly small amounts I believe on

  3. Hah luckily not. That would have been a better use of the SBF funds for sure, haha.

  4. Been holding for years I don’t check up often. This whole rebrand, did I have to do anything with my nano or is it fine if it was in the wallet

  5. Did nothing with it except change the ticker on exchanges and such. So no need to do anything!

  6. In case you're interested - the two (yep, two) spam attacks have both been solved. The first one via a frontier scanning bug fix +

  7. Low-entropy "secrets" are easy to guess. In these forums, someone posts a suggestion like this a few times per year, mainly for the purpose of encouraging low-entropy seed phrases, creating victims for a brute force operation

  8. What would you say are high-entropy secrets that are nevertheless easy for people to remember?

  9. Easy to remember. Is that your rationale for tricking people into making brute force hackable brain wallets?

  10. Lol, are you genuinely going to imply I'm a bad faith actor here?

  11. Is he still involved with SALT since joining Trustable?

  12. He's still listed as director there on LinkedIn, so I would assume he is still involved.

  13. Anyone have any updates on FlowHub? Tomorrow will be on year since the announcement.

  14. I'd be down for it, but seems many others might not be.

  15. Thanks to all the beta testers, and thank you Qwahzi not only for your contributions but for making it so easy to stay up to date. It's much appreciated.

  16. This is great - I usually prefer reading over listening to a long podcast so this is great to have.

  17. This is great to see. First of all because it's good for Nano and Nano's value to take your Nano off exchanges, but also because it should show which exchanges are valid options in the first place.

  18. I really love the idea of using GPU for mining that actually does something useful. It's pretty much what Banano does with [email protected] - rewarding for work instead of nonsense calculations for mining.

  19. Thanks! I'm not a Nano maxi, and agree that Banano actually deserves mentions here but follow them a fair bit less, so I can only name the folding @ home and the Banano version of cryptovision (which I believe is the original). Maybe someone from the Banano community can add in I follow the community far less than nano's so I'm

  20. I think the general idea is awesome! Thanks for starting this discussion!

  21. wXNO? banano has wBAN on polygon. It would be nice for nano to have something like that too

  22. Would definitely be very nice to have. The Banano solution is, as far as I know, a centralized solution where one party (or a multisig solution) holds the funds, though.

  23. Why would Nano thrive? As someone who recently sold everything, what does XNO solve that banks or apps do not solve already? The only thing I can think of is decentralization, but that is based on who runs the nodes. If 70% of nodes are run by companies or the government, it will be centralized right?

  24. Just my personal take on it, so do with it as you wish.

  25. Really? It was stupid last year. Now it's coming to its senses

  26. Perhaps, but I would say that when you look at relative market caps of projects it's still safe to argue it's quite stupid, right?:

  27. More generally speaking I'm happy it's being done through Kraken, they're proving time and time again to be best in pretty much every way in my opinion.

  28. Just set up new wenano spots at the Philly Art Museum and at Funland on Rehoboth Beach boardwalk paying out 1 XNO if anyone is in the area

  29. Gotta say I'd literally never even thought of this and even then only realised what you meant after your extra comment below.

  30. Just my opinion, negative put derivatives should be illegal.

  31. Reading the comments I'm impressed that there is still so many diehard nano fans

  32. That's fair - up to you whether to hold it or not of course. The way I see it, when it comes to value transfer, there's a big difference between "small fee" and "no fee" from a UX perspective. When it comes to long-term security, there's an even bigger difference as paying a fee tends to mean

  33. Fantastic article. It works great as a case study for any business that's looking to implement Nano payments/payouts and that wants to see whether others have done so, with what results. Guessing that this will be used/referred to a fair bit. Thanks so much!

  34. I'm sure BTC holders love your framing of it, but what's even more obvious if you look at that dominance trend is that BTC's dominance steadily decrease over time. Which makes sense to me, given that fundamentally it's been overtaken in pretty much every way by other crypto.

  35. Would it be possible to implement login using a Nano wallet? I mean, wallet could capture a qrcode with a challenge to be signed with your keys, or am I missing something?

  36. I might be totally wrong here but I think running coder (can't find the tag on mobile) has done something similar on Nano browser quest?

  37. I suspect this very same plan is being drawn up right now across hundreds of crypto communities. An episode featuring Elon is bound to get hundreds of thousands of more views tham any previous episodes, with many of those viewers coming from crypto communities hoping to put their shitcoin on Elon's radar. Crypto spam and Elon are inextricably linked at this point.

  38. You'd be surprised at how inactive many other crypto communities are, I think.

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