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  1. I liked the idea but it was so boring. No scary scenes no gore no nothing. It should've been more like the thing.

  2. It's the scariest mainstream horror film in my opinion. However, I saw this when I was about 8 years old so I have a lot of nostalgia. But movies about literal hell always spook me

  3. What is scary about it? I saw hellraiser 1 and thought it was boring as hell...

  4. Hands down The Exorcist. I was 13. My mom warned me.

  5. I thought it was the most boring movie ever. There's only like 3 scenes that are supposed to be scary. The beginning scenes are just some random things not important to the story. It was way too long the only thing I liked was the ending.

  6. It's a decent movie not really a horror tho. Refreshing story I liked the characters especially gwen. The one thing I cannot get over is why finney didnt murder the killer in his sleep with his rocket thingie. Could've just jammed it several times in his neck but okay. I give it a 7 i guess because it was better than a lot of the other shit I watched in my 2 weeks off.

  7. Forget the rocket toy...why didn't he grab a knife from the kitchen?

  8. My thoughts exactly thank you finally someone who understands xD

  9. Why does gwen have those dreams? Inherited the gift from her mother. Why is the father alcoholic? Because his wife was having crazy dreams that drove her to commit suicide. But I agree it wasnt a great movie and far from horror but it wasnt a bad movie either.

  10. I absolutely love evil dead and couldn't find anything like it untill I saw beetlejuice. There's a second film coming and I'm so excited. Also leprechaun, extra ordinary, blood fest, stan against evil, blood drive, zombieland, love and monsters (if you like zombieland but it's not really horror), daybreak are all great horror comedy too.

  11. Silent Hill and House of Wax were my first horror films and I remember them viscerally.

  12. I watched insidious with my girlfriend when I was 14 or 15 and we basically laughed through the whole movie xD

  13. Chucky all I need is a wood chipper some protective gloves and a shotgun xD

  14. Life / Another life (series) / Annihilation / Extinction (not really horror but damn it was good didnt see that twist coming) / Predator / Critters / A quiet place / Bird box

  15. I didn't like the ending. If the ending where the deadites take over in the future is canon then what is the point of the movies or any of the other stories if Ash just loses in the end.

  16. Ash loses all the time that's the whole thing. And it really isn't an ending there were supposed to be 5 seasons. It's the perfect ending of the season because it's kinda the same as the alternative ending (actually the original but it was cut) to army of darkness 2. I always wanted to see how it would continue in this badass apocalyptic earth. Besides isn't lexx like the most badass character even if she had like 2 minutes sceen time? Idk if theyll ever do it in like an animated series or in the form of a game but I would finally be able to die in peace xD

  17. I watched the remake and it makes no sense worst movie ever especially the ending.

  18. Evil dead 2 for sure and the suicide squad (it isnt horror but it is kinda brutal and definitely bonkers).

  19. Bruce isn't coming back. The s3 ending was perfect and ment to be open ended. Shows brought back by fans always struggle to do well and live up to expectations. Let sleeping dogs lie

  20. They originally wanted it to be 5 seasons but it was cancelled by Starz for some bullshit reason. So I don't see how they would struggle. Let sleeping dogs die and turn into deadites.

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