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  1. This is a Renault Twizy, an all-electric, max 2 person, max 45km/28mph urban vehicle - this is one of the best solutions for transitioning urban car users away from big dumb normal cars that they don't need to get around a city, and for people with limited mobility. They're on the good side.

  2. In his final scene in which he says "its Todding time" and Todded all over that dead child. Just marvelous.

  3. It happears to be related to mods. I had the same issue until I disabled them

  4. Btw, where does the term chicanery originate? Been seeing it a lot here as an inside joke. I must've missed it.

  5. Season 3 Episode 5. It's titled "Chicanery" but the joke comes from Chuck's breakdown at the end of the episode

  6. I mean, he's right on one thing... Both drivers and cyclists are fucking assholes when it comes to pedestrians

  7. TIL that mopeds are safer for children than cyclists and pedestrians lmao

  8. I bet ten bucks it's each time Rhea Seehorn's feet are shown on screen

  9. Satan was made up by the Catholic church? Jesus drove out demons during his time on earth. If all Christians do not believe in the devil, who do they think Jesus redeemed us from?

  10. Your points seem a little conflicting. It sounds like you're saying that Satan/Lucifer is simply a title used at various times to refer to a nameless demon. But even if that were true it would mean there's a little more than just "God's wrath" for man to be redeemed from?

  11. We also shout out "Jesus christ!" when scared, we know he's out there trying to get us, I have to check under my bed every night to make sure Jesus isn't there

  12. I don't like how people take away responsibility from Jimmy and Kim. If they didn't go forward with that sick scheme, Howard would've been dining with Cliff Main and not in the apartment of a "friend of the cartel"

  13. If I had to blame anyone for Howard’s death other than Lalo I’d blame Mike tbh.

  14. And Kim. Not only did she plan the whole Howard thing, she also knew Lalo was alive and didn't even tell Jimmy.

  15. La verdad no tengo una ideología de izquierda o derecha, pero la verdad los memes que le hacen a petro son muy malos, les falta "gracia" y en parte siento que es porque Duque era más un personaje de una caricatura y petro se puede decir que es mas normal.

  16. Despite being more pedestrian friendly and an overall better place to live, the sight is still awful.

  17. I don't doesn't seem like moving on to me but really static. She does the same, boring job day after day, goes home to the same boring life with Mr. Yep, who argues about mayonnaise (How symbolic!) and so on. The only way to move on would be, like Mike, to accept who she is and try to move to someplace exciting, where she could heal her soul, like Budapest, or Bruges. She could be a lawyer there or open a Thai restaurant and do volunteer work with refugees.

  18. I'd say something along the lines of "I think I'm in the middle of something... There's really no need to..." and get axed mid sentence.

  19. I love this sub and how people here can be so childish and spiteful towards a game company lmao. Get a life people!

  20. All this stuff happened 2000 years ago and was recorded by humans in another language by people so long dead that we cant poasibly hope to understand their dialect fully. It's a wonder we have any of it left to read, and it's even more of a wonder that it makes any sense.

  21. You can take happened however you like, this whole post is about how the bible isn't to be taken literally, and my post specifically was about how time and language has distorted it.

  22. I mean, I got nothing else to add. You said it yourself, the book is so lost in translation it barely makes sense anymore and it's ridiculous to guide your life by such flawed text.

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