1. You're using your experience to invalidate the experience of others, that's not very grounded of you.

  2. You will fight so hard to defend this demon that is dragging you down in the dirt. It’s comical. It’s like you would rather make a deal with the demon than try and fight it.

  3. Perhaps you stared at the sun too long to notice that I am a different person than the one you’ve been replying to. I’m a demonslayer buddy, don’t worry about me.

  4. “Where we be offering free vaccines to all the underprivileged children in this low income area”

  5. You know it’s ok that you think I’m dumb. I’m not one of those people who thinks they are right about everything. You have a good point about giving money to billionaires being silly. I respect that.

  6. That’s your shit no need to stir up ur exes life so you can feel better.

  7. If I ever need a transfusion I will be requesting unvaccinated blood even if I have to go outside of my coverage. These doctors want to prevent this from being an option because they know the pure bloods will be seen in good light.

  8. Good luck! Blood isn't separated by vaccine status.

  9. Yea well it’s about to be because I manifest things because I am a dope ass g.

  10. Get them into climbing it’s a masochists dream. If they want to feel something.

  11. Actually it is normal. Younger people have always died in small numbers. Youre literally just taking any death of any young person and blaming it on vaccines. You have no numbers, no empirical evidence to go on. This is all just your emotions.

  12. I agree with you but go take a look at his Instagram. Poor guy bragged about being “fully vaxxed to the max.” Ugh. I’m sick of this.

  13. Just embrace it. A nice cry can be enjoyable. Why is everything seen as a problem we have to fix with “professional help”.

  14. Unfortunately, I live in NZ. Shopping local means being ripped off buying shitty items at extortionary prices.

  15. Any time I am depressed I look directly at the sun and it shocks my brain back into homeostasis.

  16. It all makes sense now. That’s why vaccine hesitancy is so dangerous.

  17. It takes like 6 days in a row of absolutely no sleep to cause permanent damage. You’re gonna be ok sweetheart. If you have access, I recommend seeking professional help and seeing about getting a prescription for insomnia to help you for a short time, or talk to a therapist or school counselor about how your anxiety is affecting your sleep. Just talking about your anxiety might help. They sell melatonin gummies at the drug store too, you might be able to get someone to buy you some. The best thing I think you could do is try to exercise. Even a long walk could help you get tired enough to sleep well.

  18. Nonono no prescription. Especially at 15. Shame shame shame. Seek natural remedies first. Touch grass please

  19. 15F been struggling with insomnia since this summer. during summer my body would usually make up for the lack of sleep so id still average 8hrs. like if one day i slept 2, i got 13 the other etc.

  20. You need to expose yourself to am sun. Just soak it up for at least 5 min. No sunglasses and as much skin as appropriate for your surroundings. Try and get 45 min to 1.5 hour of cardio per week.

  21. Like jet lee one? I would send evil me to a prison planet where all they do is fight on a heap of scrap metal for all eternity.

  22. I refuse to ware a mask. I will flat out refuse if it is ever required again. I will riot in the street like the people in China.

  23. I’m also never sick and if I was I would just stay home instead of pretending a mask dies anything to stop a spread. Touch grass.

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