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  1. I wouldn't want you mentioning it to me, whilst eating. It would put me off. But damn, I would be embarrassed to complain.

  2. These are mostly to experiment and attract investors, their mainline products are something really revolutionary for their industries though

  3. British. And bottle of water. I had to scroll through the comments to figure out the second one

  4. i mean i could fuckin tell the dude who did it was white from 1. looking at his name and 2. that it was specifically a piece of art from a nonwhite culture (which i looked him up and what do you know? he is white). why would he go for something like this specifically? it’s using nonwhite art and culture as something that’s disposable and that ‘well even if it doesn’t take off there was no harm done because it’s not like that drawing mattered anyway.’ i doubt he’d do the same thing or feel as little regret about it later if he took a famous drawing or painting from a white or european artist and did that. and even if it wasn’t specifically intentional, it shows that there’s still a lot of underlying racism by him 1. not considering how doing this could be racist and 2. supporting NFTs in the first place which produce a lot of waste to uphold, accelerating climate change, the effects of which will disproportionately affect poorer people who are also disproportionately people of color.

  5. well, what other art has he done this to? also, again, even if it wasn’t with the explicit intention of treating nonwhite art as disposable, there’s still a lot of underlying racism which lead him to do this in the first place.

  6. Thank you so much! I'm having a hard time telling the difference, besides the fact that I feel much better overall

  7. Right now my goal is to be about 130 by December of 2023. But before that my fitness goal is to be able to go hiking in Alaska with my husband and our friend next August (if we fulfill the trip) without feeling exhausted or out of shape.

  8. I don’t know, I think I read in the bbc originally but that was the first that popped up on google.

  9. If there IS a risk to your property, they'll cut them back. At least I would have thought.

  10. Granted, there was much more I could have added. But, I'm starving and my porridge is so nice this morning.

  11. It was actually treated by specialist & returned to the ocean,

  12. Asda do a root beer, I forget the name. Possibly only Ben Shaw's or something. Possibly something else. I bought some to try... Son liked it.

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