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  1. Hi! What's the smart dimmers you have? I'd love to have my lamp on always :D

  2. Leviton D23LP-1BW Decora Smart Wi-Fi Mini Plug-in Dimmer (2nd Gen)

  3. I'm looking to potentially redo my own Grande, could I ask what method you use to reseal the globe after finishing the refill?

  4. I also use a plumber's clean out plug to seal it up when I'm done. 

  5. I completely agree with you. This would be a valuable quality of life Improvement.

  6. Great collection. I think the background can make a big difference with lava lamps and especially with grandes. I’m not into those bands on your wall, but the black and white mix of those posters looks great. I have a large tapestry behind mine that’s black and white swirly lines that does a great job.

  7. I couldn't agree more. The right background shows off the clarity of the lamps. Yes, that is a Bad Brains poster.

  8. The white one is actually a very light sky blue. It is definitely a favourite. Funnily enough that one and the orange one are both magma Tower wax.

  9. I believe you have to isolate until you run out of weed.

  10. In the swamp there is a tree stump that has a letter in it. If you find that tree stump and that letter everything will be explained.

  11. My guess is this is right after the party. I have had the same bug multiple times with different characters. It seems to be whoever interrupts the conversation with Halsin. It looks to me like the game thinks they are in conversation but they are not. No actions can be taken. I had this happen with Wyl in my current playthrough and I sent him back to camp and left him there. Eventually he fixed himself but I have no idea what made that happen. I just checked later on to see if he was working and he was.

  12. Okay, but I can’t seem to talk to her. How would I send her back to camp? Thank you

  13. My apologies. It sounds a little different then. I was able to send him back to camp but if you can't communicate with her at all I really don't know what to tell you. In my case loading a previous save was no good because every time we went through the party we had this problem.

  14. I'm kind of wondering why you haven't caught it and moved it back outside?

  15. I'm very sorry for your loss. You are 100% correct, people do fucking suck.

  16. I am watching the new Weird Al Yankovic biopic. When this video came on he was singing his Madonna parody, Like a Surgeon. It synced up perfectly.

  17. Because I'm a Canadian. I was just wondering if he was still there or not. I certainly don't want any information that would put anybody at risk.

  18. Unfortunately, that is not correct. They are called frog beetles. Sagra buqueti, is their scientific name.

  19. Not right. These are Sagra buqueti, commonly called frog beetles. I kept them for years.

  20. Because the average American isn't smart enough to understand the metric system. They think it's witchcraft.

  21. I'm sorry for your loss. It is a pain I know well. I have seven Grande lamps. I had to order 11 to get my seven. Amazon must have good insurance because they don't seem to mind breaking them.

  22. I absolutely love that first lamp with the pale blue/white wax. I'm assuming that's a custom colored wax you made?

  23. Yes, it is a custom colour. I have customized all of these lamps.

  24. Well everyone gets their own heaven with whoever they want there so heaven is actually segregated to some people

  25. I would recommend selling your brother to the circus.

  26. Heroin. I'm a pothead and turns out I like my weed a lot better than heroin. That's a good thing.

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