1. A guy worth 150B is going to pedo Island to raise cash?

  2. All tyrants want to control information. Free speech and forming your own opinions is something they can't have.

  3. Conflict of interest is just another conspiracy theory.

  4. They want the silent masses disarmed, not because of crime, but to give government sole use of deadly force.

  5. I got money is USD, which is supposed to be FDIC protected. I moved the vast majority out to my bank anyway.

  6. The Trump presidency and covid were historical, text book exercises that prove that well over 90% of people are easily hypnotized by propaganda.

  7. Because the vast majority of people, over 90%, are easily suggestible and vulnerable to hypnosis.

  8. Katie Hobbs is a female fetterman with a couple of differences:

  9. Voters are brainless, the DNC knows exactly what it's doing.

  10. They aren't liberal, they're leftist...there is a difference.

  11. Jen psaki said flat out that the Biden administration works directly with big tech.

  12. Controlling "misinformation" is simply Controlling information.

  13. The last one, at least for me, was the most important of my lifetime. Prior to it, the country was as far gone as I've seen it, visible corruption, money laundering, war profiteering, shit economy etc.

  14. Yea, this from a guy that forcibly shut down protests, froze bank accounts and wanted to use tanks.

  15. You have read or heard about moments of mass stupidity in history, you're living through one.

  16. Arizona just elected a woman to governor and she was masked up for the press conference.

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