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  1. ive seen 59 year old femboys that look just as good as they were in their 20s im sure timmy daddy will be just fine

  2. I have so much hair everywhere that it's just way too time consuming so I just end up not shaving it...

  3. Kids will get you some nice tax breaks though and Medicaid

  4. THE SECOND I started growing out my hair I noticed my receding hairline 😭 It's not advanced yet so it can be saved, but I'm pre-everything, closeted and broke af so I rely on my parents for cash, and my dad has this nutjob theory that "Men with longer hair go bald faster" which I have disproved many times to him but he's adamant on it so I fear if I ask him for cash he won't give me it because he'll act all smug and wanna prove a point. Maybe this is just my anxiety acting up, but can anyone please tell me how to stop being a coward and just ask?...

  5. Ace Ventura is beyond awful, the whole climax of the movie is dragging the stealth trans and having everyone throw up when they find out. There's no rationalization or discussion to be had, it's transphobic and disgusting.

  6. I never understood that scene. Can cis women not get hemorrhoids? Because I'm pretty sure they can...

  7. It'll probably cost A LOT tho. But hey if I can ever afford it I'll definitely look into it <3

  8. That’s sad but true. I think it’s 30k in the US. Or was. I looked into it years ago, but my husband wouldn’t hear of it. And my shoulders don’t get me clocked. But, still, I’m envious of some cis-women’s shoulders.

  9. It would just justify them, amplify their hatred, increase the number of attacks. Im not trying to preach here (i am) but logically its going to lead to far more violence.

  10. G that's not gonna work. You can only be the "good tra**y" for so long before they get bored and decide to kill you as well

  11. I believe this technique is called “docking” look it up in google (don’t)

  12. Mens and womens clothes are designed differently, for example the shoulders. You cant really make truly non-binary shirts since everyone generally fits better into either female or male clothing (as in sex not gender)

  13. I mean isn't it easier to just have clothes where you can just choose by shoulder length (narrow, medium, wide etc.) ? It would definitely save time for a lot of people.

  14. I'm a lesbian and I can admit that he is really good looking. Like, stupidly so.

  15. What about the guy/gal who invented the guitar? Huh? He/She was surely self taught

  16. I know this comment is a year old but MFG just use "them", it's not that hard

  17. He can literally just have a hair transplant if he's so upset about it, considering he's stacked

  18. 🎶 I don't care what they say about us anyway 🎶

  19. I do want to stop any potential hairloss in my future, but I'm also too scared to do anything about it.

  20. On top of minoxidil and finasteride you can do a hair transplant. I thought the same as you. Until i did fina and minox for half a year which filled in the back of my head and then hairtransplant on hairline and back. Inwas a nordwood 4-5. Now 3 months after transplant and 2 months on hrt ive never been happier. Hair is comming back and filling in. I have a femme hairline!! Dont lose hope girl!

  21. Damn I'm so happy for you sis 🥺💖, I hope the same thing happens to me...

  22. Oh God I'm just imagining how that left one feels 😖

  23. I think is like skin stretching exercises and devices that can help regrow your foreskin in as little as 12 hours a day, every day for 3-5 years.

  24. I... never thought that could be possible... But hey, guess I learned something new today!

  25. I made a really horribly unflattering squeak-snort-laugh at this. I startled my partner and all our cats. Good job.

  26. Good God you lucky b*tch (sorry I'm just really jelly 😭)

  27. I would really like a friend as well! (though be warned I have crippling social anxiety)

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