1. He sells hotdogs, chillidogs, ketchupdogs, and mustarddogs.

  2. His text was originally supposed to be fully voice acted???

  3. Is it just me or does Spamton Z. Spamton look like Dr. Andonuts from the Halloween Hack?

  4. In what way? Also thanks i guess..?

  5. Audio from Beavis and Butthead

  6. Different composer, Check album Only Built 4 Sausage Links by Scattle. Oh and btw, cotton alley's also had a different composer, Laura Shigihara, album name is Super Sweet Boy.

  7. Neo form looks like chinese dragon lol, was that intentional?

  8. Jevil and Spamton playing cards

  9. uhhh Jevil and Spamton playing cards

  10. Danny B, 0% chance but i think it would be funny.

  11. why is mario's ass the american flag and the insides the italian one

  12. Oh damn jokes on me! Because i overlooked the back sptites... :(

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