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  1. Soulkiller can take anyone, instantly. No special tools required, just a net connection.

  2. "Oh hey Lucy look outside, the nudist is back in front of his window again. Dude! Put on some shorts, don't need to see that crap! Trying to drink my fucking coffee over here! For real, don't you have one towel in your entire apartment? You fucking crazy asshole."

  3. The original purpose of the nuke that blew up the towers was in an effort (by Militech) to destroy Arasaka's massive database of old net knowledge that they had built up.

  4. So that's how Silverhand got the nuke! Why was that data so threatening to Militech?

  5. Bro, it is a huge thing in the latter half of 2077

  6. 2 jackets & being able to change your hairstyle isn’t a lot of change.

  7. Is there a way to cheese a dreadwing in the early game? I just really want the Nora tracker armor.

  8. The main thing is that you'll never be able to engineer cooling better than a gaming laptop, Zotac Magnus or NUC at the same size and power. All of those should have at least one model that supports upscaling tech, but most would be powerful enough to not need it.

  9. Then just figure I if I don't need the screen or keyboard or battery pack of a gaming laptop I might as well take them off. 😂

  10. If you only have one, it's the first one: the one that looks (to me) like a sunrise or sunset.

  11. I found a second glyph like ten minutes before I went through the portal. Extremely lucky find. So, I finished the challenge! Got off world without a ship (although it did follow me around like a sad, burning puppy) and lived to tell about it.

  12. Thanks. It's been quite the experience. I really feel like I got in touch with the game's roots somehow.

  13. Quite the achievement, well done! Interesting that you were able to find planetary archives without reaching your ship. On my most recent PD run I was keeping an eye out for buildings as I made my way to the ship. After I arrived and got the next step (acquire a hermetic seal, I think, it's been a while), a colossal archive suddenly appeared about 200u away. It's like the game was hiding it until I had progressed those first few steps.

  14. "Out of nowhere"? Reason you didn't hear much about Talon before is exactly because of how corrupt they are. You can't hear from them from RateMyServer because they pay the staff from that forum to protect their image. A LOT of threads with confirmed evidences popped up against that server in the past and the mods there just quickly deleted it before it got much attention.

  15. You're following the script of the suits that destroyed your community. 👏

  16. It's a good game, on par with the massive impact the original Deus Ex had. Its quest structure is nowhere near what was promised through marketing, but you know it's great, far better than most other games still. The world building, both through narrative and the city's design are out of this world. 8/10.

  17. Talon was never my deal but it was hard to miss that community was real tight. I feel super sorry for everyone. Wishing each and every one of them the very best.

  18. The people making this decision probably aren't even aware of what private is about. They're just trying what they think will resurrect their 15 year old failing business model.

  19. should we make a subreddit for each pServer community?

  20. Most servers have discord and/or forums already. Even this sub has barely any activity (this week being an anomaly). Best we just concentrate instead of fragmenting it.

  21. But with their forums also shut down its hard to get hold of a discord invite. I wasn't an active OriginsRO player, I see no way back there now.

  22. It's pretty easy to setup a server and play alone. If you can't figure it out dm me , I can show you or let you play on mine.

  23. This is very tempting, but I'm not sure if I can stand Prontera being totally empty. =_=

  24. SaplingRO was the last server where I actively involved myself with community affairs. It's been many years since that place shut down and I played mainly OriginsRO afterwards. Always solitary, having #main on mute while I was watching Netflix some such.

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