1. I mean, its a problem everywhere not just BD. Barely any copies made it outside the US. Various retailers were unable to fulfil their preorders.

  2. Its supposed to do that. The block doesnt attach to the board. Its supposed to flex upwards when open to minimise gutter loss.

  3. This is the dude who cried about DC making Poison Ivy a ‘fat lesbian’ and had never heard of Frank Miller, yeah?

  4. I usually prefer to have a nice deluxe hc signed, as opposed to a tpb, so an Absolute is always a good choice.

  5. You need to start by the grant Morrison run that start in 2011 Then Batman by Scott synder and Capullo is the main one to follow in parallèle there is the tomasi Gleason Batman and Robin Batman eternals and Batman and Robin eternals are two short arcs that I guess bridge some gaps ? I'm not too sure but they're in middle of the main series somebody else can give you more information on where it is There is détective comics that are kinda side stories I don't think there are more Batman series but I could be wrong

  6. Yeah, no. I wouldnt recommend a new reader start with Morrison. Snyders New 52 run is a much easier jump on point.

  7. It can vary by shop but most will give some kind of a discount for subscribing to a book. Not sure on Midtown exactly.

  8. Ah ok bet bet I appreciate you so it’s jus like a discount per individual copy?

  9. Again, it varies. Some offer individual issues at a flat discounted rate if you sub. Others might say - 20% off if you subscribe to five titles etc.

  10. Generally im in favour of leaving a work as-is, warts and all, with a brief intro text piece giving a warning of potentially offensive content, it being a product of the time etc and that the publisher themselves dont subscribe to these views, possibly giving a link to charitable causes/educational organisations etc

  11. Rucka addresses this in his Punisher run. Would recommend.

  12. Theres not really a transition point beyond Ultimate wrapping up during Secret Wars. So you could just continue with 616 after that. As said, Ultimate isnt a retelling of 616, its its own universe with its own spin on characters and its own story lines.

  13. Ok... so Twitter or Facebook? I don't want to publicly ask him, but I guess I will if I have to. I'm not very good at social media either... for instance, I thought I uploaded the cover with my post... don't see it.

  14. You did... in a separate post! 😜

  15. Single issues are scaled down from the original art and lettering. They dont just scan physical issues and blow them up for Absolutes.

  16. I know they print from print-ready PDFs. I am asking do they re-letter the whole thing because those speech bubbles and captions will look bigger on big pages and it is unnecessary because general size of text is 6-6.5 pt.

  17. Just to echo, you can jump straight into the current runs of Batman by Zdarsky and Ram Vs Detective. Both only 3 issues in. Neither requires any specific knowledge of recent runs.

  18. Speedyhens packaging sucks, buuuuut ive never actually received a damaged book. Maybe im just lucky.

  19. Its the Mark Millar-iest Cates has ever been.

  20. Extra annoying when an omnibus has a contents page that list page numbers, yet the pages themselves dont have them.

  21. Not really. I dont tend to be that vocal about stuff i dont like, but not out of peer pressure, more just i dont like dedicating time or energy to talk about stuff i dont like, as opposed to stuff i do.

  22. Other street level stuff, probably. Punisher, Moon Knight etc

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