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  1. I made the decision to go along with a 37 week induction in part because my OB was the one on call that weekend. I was miserably pregnant, couldn't really walk anymore because my leg kept partially dislocating, but the real factor was that it was going to be the woman I'd been working with during the pregnancy who would be delivering my baby. And she was AMAZING. It wasn't an easy labor by any means, but I definitely felt like she was instrumental in helping prevent tearing and getting the baby out with as little fuss as possible.

  2. My mom was induced at 39 weeks with me because her OB didn't want anyone else to deliver me. He was on vacation the week I was due.

  3. Trash service (which isn't "required" legally, but the county landfill is only open to residents 2 days/year, so its required functionally) is $30/month. My EMS bill, which means I don't get charged any ambulance fees if I have to call and be transported, is $75/yr. My fire fee is $45/yr.

  4. I would love to pay an annual EMS fee instead of paying per ride.

  5. We often don't know what the hell we're doing when it comes to flirting

  6. Y’all also don’t notice when you’re being flirted with or when a woman is interested.

  7. Ok, so, thing is? Its very hard picking up when someone is dropping 'subtle hints' cause everybody has a different definition of the word subtle! One girls 'obvious pass' is anothers 'just being nice', and if you have low self esteem or you're bad at reading people it can be hard to distinguish the two. So of course, most of us are going to assume the 'just being nice' route cause what's the alternative? We make a move, get it wrong, and now we run the risk of losing the friend or being labled as 'the creepy guy'.

  8. I can straight up tell a guy that I'm interested in them and they will not realize it until wayyy after.

  9. I just had a couple of questions since I haven't done a whole lot of research about the topic.

  10. Spaying prevents reproductive cancers. It also prevents the chance for uterine infections.

  11. This happened like 3days ago? He's said he's not going to discuss why he resigned until after the tournament is over but he made a subtle comment about "being coached well"

  12. He hasn’t talked about it directly, but heavily implied why including taking a shot at Niemann’s coach who is a well-known cheater.

  13. How do you even cheat at Chess? Isn’t the other player always watching?

  14. To anyone reading this- don't use Firestone for anything. I had them do an oil change, the next day I heard a scraping sound on the highway during rush hour. I pulled over to find that my skid plate was hanging on by about a quarter turn of one bolt. I called the store and they weren't helpful. I had to go through BBB and Firestone corporate office to get a refund for that oil change and the lifetime alignment I had just bought. Lifetime alignment was worthless since they're not touching any car of mine ever.

  15. For me, the absolute top was Triple Triad in FFVIII.

  16. It made me so happy that they brought it back in FFXIV.

  17. It seems like you are conflating religion with culture.

  18. I just wear knee-high riding boots. My dad wears motorcycle boots and my brothers wear combat boots.

  19. Treatment is opening a banana

  20. Or just rustling the treat bag.

  21. Which was the real reason for his abdication, Wallis Simpson was simply a catalyst and a convenient story. Edward very much wanted to be an executive king but that was not acceptable to parliament. His abdication caused much bitterness and he was never forgiven. He lived out his life in France as an exile since everyone knew that any contact with Edward or Wallis meant social exile for them as well.

  22. Actually he remained in France because King George VI would refuse to pay his allowance if he set foot on English soil uninvited.

  23. For Victorian era: Harper’s Bazaar has issues starting in 1867.

  24. The last corgi the queen owned died in 2018 so maybe they saved the corpse? But they arent burying them alive or anything.

  25. The last corgi descended from Susan (her 18th birthday gift) died in 2018. By the time of her death, Queen Elizabeth II had two corgis, a dorgi and two cocker spaniels. The dogs now are being taken care of by Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

  26. Queen Elizabeth sends her first email

  27. Probably won’t be for at least a month. They have to get through all the mourning ceremonies before they officially coronate the successor.

  28. Probably won’t happen until next year. Elizabeth’s didn’t happen until over a year after her father died.

  29. Considering Charles age and due to wanting to cement his position as Head of State of the Commonwealth, I'd imagine the Corronation will be sooner rather than later.

  30. Well considering the sheer amount of planning involved it will be a while.

  31. With media today, the people are way more familiar with the royal family than they used to be. And with the precedent Elizabeth set, it doesn't really make sense to change names anymore

  32. Only 3 English monarchs chose a regnal name that wasn't their original first name: Victoria, Edward VII and George VI. Everybody else just stuck with their original first name.

  33. Neither Edward VII and George VI wanted to be King Albert.

  34. Edward VII chose not to use Albert out of respect of his father. Rumor has it it’s because he was blamed for Prince Albert’s death and he did not want to be associated with his father’s name.

  35. Can there be a King and Queen at the same time? Like in the movies? Wouldn’t Charles’ wife be the queen?

  36. Camilla is Queen Consort. Elizabeth II was Queen Regnant.

  37. Now that they can marry anyone they want i dont think there will be abdications anymore.

  38. Nope. The first six in line to the throne require the monarch's approval. If the marriage is not approved by the monarch then the couple has to wait a year and seek approval from parliament.

  39. Yes, it’s called a regnal name. Many of the British/English Queens of history have used the name they were known as informally as a regnal name, both Elizabeths, Victoria, (Bloody) Mary. I suspect that’s because for most of history women have ascended the throne as somewhat the last choice. Whereas many sons and especially firstborn sons were given many names with the plan for them to be king one day. The sovereign can choose from any of the given names for a regnal name, so his options were of Charles Philip Arthur George. I can’t actually remember a king off the top of my head that hasn’t used a different name than the one used by the family.

  40. Victoria and Elizabeth II both had multiple names. Elizabeth II’s full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Victoria’s full name was Alexandrina Victoria.

  41. Swiss German is the general term for dialects spoken in Switzerland and Alpine regions. Like each canton has their own dialect. Hell, two people from the same city can speak totally different dialects.

  42. Go to Bojangles. I tried it when I was visiting family on the east coast. Delicious.

  43. I love Bojangles. I just wish there were more up North.

  44. I was unaware that you can give buns tea? Is this something that should only be done for those with issues? Or can you give it for a treat?

  45. You can give it as a treat. Stick to herbal teas only. Green and black tea are not good for rabbits.

  46. The color is honesty irrelevant most of the time, since a lot of breeds can come in any color...

  47. Not for New Zealands. Fur color denotes what variety they are classified as. New Zealand Whites only have red eyes since the white fur is caused by the albinism gene.

  48. I'm aware. I'm just replying to the comment stating that it matters for purebred New Zealands since OP stated that it was impossible for their rabbit to be a purebred because the rabbit is a BEW not a REW.

  49. I’m 21 and my great grandmother had a singer foot treadle machine that was eventually handed down to me. I sewed so many quilts with that machine by the time I was 14. My friend would come over and see me pop it out of the desk that it sat in and just marvel that there were sewing machines dating that far back. I seriously recommend you teach your kids to have fun because as a homeschooled kid with nothing better to do, that machine saved me.

  50. I have a 1902 Minnesota made by Davis. My great-aunts were downsizing and gave it to my parents. My parents were like you want it? Otherwise it would have been thrown out. They even still had the original paperwork and manual.

  51. I (born in 1990) remember being taught how to use a card catalog in both elementary and high school. After teaching us how to use it, the librarian said “You could also use one of the computers to access the OPAC and type in what you’re looking for, it’ll tell you where to find the book.” 🤷‍♂️

  52. I vaguely remember the card catalog from elementary school. I do however very vividly remember the dewey decimal system.

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