1. The “lore” feels very unapproachable makes it feel like there a divide between fans

  2. I agree with that, I love their music and really like the cinematography of their music videos but idc about lore and album colors and all that

  3. Dude, some of my best memories from elementary school is 4 dudes on a love seat after school playing Black Ops 2 party games

  4. Tinkerbell, Country Girl, or pink Browning decal?

  5. There are a lot of rural mail drivers here in the mountains of NC that drive Jeeps. Snow, mud, and washed out gravel roads when it floods make it a good vehicle for this area.

  6. I miss when the modding community for that game was still thriving, and people were still trying to make an actual complete version of the game. I'm in a discord server for "SLRR 2.4.0" but there hasn't been an update on it since february of this year.

  7. Love that game, unfortunately I'm a tad top young to have played in its hay day

  8. Just a passerby scrolling through, ignore me if you want. However, I'm somewhat confused on how it will change direction once it moves in the counter-clockwise direction.

  9. $6k for a Duramax with a little body damage? That’s a steal where I’m at.

  10. My first thought, the pictures show me how little rust there is as well!!

  11. Yeah, these types of sets are usually knockoffs of MOCs, right?

  12. I have a friend with a Yukon, I've been in the scenario many times

  13. They do run for a long ass time with just basic maintenance. My friends parents have one as their cottage beater car for running into town and the damn thing has 470,000km on it and still running fine (prev. Owner delivered pizza in it for like 6 years lol)

  14. My cousins got one of these as his first car, it had 150k mi, and he's been driving for 4 years. He doesn't even know how to maintain cars, these are tanks

  15. Thank you for the arrow, I wasn't sure what you where talking about

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