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  1. There’s too much organic chaos to ever get a reliable “control” state to measure against

  2. I think it’s hard for lots of us hate to throw things away… But why risk it? Maybe you should plan to incorporate growing a small patch of your own hay on your quarter acre….

  3. Murphy, NC has highest rainfall average in US, and you can find 5 acres for 40k…

  4. Watch Geoff Lawton, Back to Eden, or the Weedy Garden on Youtube!

  5. I've floated in 3 different emergency rooms, also I have an education in emergency medicine.

  6. I understand your perspective, however the medical care you’ve observed happened before this law was overturned. Now states will be changing their laws, with many trigger laws already taking effect. A good example of how this can make changes in care is this 2008 National Institute of Health research about miscarriage care within Catholic hospital system, which points to restrictions and delayed procedures based on religious doctrine followed by those facilities and doctors. Not all medical emergencies are treated equally between those healthcare systems and secular institutions. With more states expected to pass outright bans, and the implications for the healthcare providers risking felonies, it changes the human-level decision-making around “first, do no harm” by forcing doctors to consider their personal legal liability (beyond just malpractice) in determining the best care for the mother. To my knowledge, that doesn’t happen with other medical conditions.

  7. Same as planning for medical emergencies when going on a remote camp or retreat, or preppers who are in more rural areas. With entire states changing the laws about access to medical care, I’m trying to think about all the contingencies for extended travel. A good parallel is imagining if doctors suddenly weren’t allowed to provide treatment for strokes. Strokes happen without warning, though there are lifestyle factors that can be preventative -equivalent of not being pregnant I suppose. So if a stroke did happen, and urgent medical care was needed, would I take my family member to the doctor who has access to all the interventions to address the stroke, or go to the nearest one who may or may not be successful. Like, imagine a doctor saying “there’s a giant clot in your brain, but our best intervention is to let it pass on it’s own.”

  8. Look up agro-forestry! You can leave most of them and still grow crops

  9. That is so unbelievably hard. Do what you need to do for now. You are loved and supported more than you know. ❤️

  10. Looks beautiful and perfect! The seed of life!! Sending joy and cheers!

  11. That weed slaying robots haven’t been developed more quickly… though Greenfield Robotics is doing some interesting work.

  12. Cedar takes much much longer to break down than oak.

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