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  1. This is another half-assed airdrop that changed the process and has added stupefying and scummy requirements after already getting people to send in a magic transaction months ago.

  2. How do you know if a wallet meets ERC20 criteria?

  3. So where do I go to buy and stake $swth? The Demex app?

  4. Click add account on keplr. Imput your seed from cosmostation. Then you can switch back and forth thru keplr

  5. Do you have to have been staking on Keplr? I stake ATOM on Cosmostation. The Lum wesbite only gives me an option to connect my Keplr? Anyone know how to claim using cosmos address?

  6. For starters, here is a link to walk you through importing your Ledger into Keplr -

  7. Read governance proposal 56 for more info. Basically a fee can be configured for IBC packets that route through the Cosmos Hub and can be distributed to stakers.

  8. Read the proposal. Makes a bit more sense. What is an IBC packet?

  9. The wallet address you give must be where your atom was staked on September 2nd. That is the address you give the validator for the airdrop. If it matches an approved wallet from the 2nd snapshot they took it will come back with “ you’re eligible for X pstake” please send a 0.0001 transaction to the address below with a valid ERC-20 address in the memo field to be added to the airdrop.

  10. How do I give the address to the validator? I used the link above and it said I was eligible.

  11. I think I got it. I received some atom back from the validator. Is there a deadline for the airdrop? Did I miss it? If not, when can I expect the airdrop?

  12. You need to use Keplr and then connect through one of the theee interfaces.

  13. How can I check if I was staking before that date? I used the third link above and there is 0 Juno in my wallet

  14. So ideally you want to LP that are in sync but that's not the easiest to do. That's why it's a bad idea to LP with Eth and anything other than a stable.

  15. Im mostly in osmosis, i might get in the shallow end of emeris when i unbond a little here soon. Plan to bond right back in to osmosis mostly. Bonding on osmosis is what you do after you've added liquidity. You bond for 1, 7 , or 14 days. That's the time it takes to get your coins back if you unbond. You'll still get rewards as they unbond too.

  16. If a lot of the Cosmos chains start moving tokens through the Atom hub over IBC, this will generate a lot of transaction volume on the hub. These transaction fees will go to people who have Atom delegated to validators, increasing demand for atom and raising the price.

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