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  1. They’re giving billions to ukraine for proxy wars. I don’t feel guilty at all

  2. Party line voting is mob mentality

  3. They’ll fight Russia till every Ukrainian is dead

  4. What are you talking about? None of this is new. This shit has been going on since

  5. Or make them carry liability insurance and the premiums come out of their budget. Too many claims, they can’t meet the premiums. They would be tossing shyte cops like hot potatoes.

  6. Once the cops becomes an uninsurable interest he can’t be hired again

  7. Imagine if the citizens had guns

  8. Tell that to the Vietnamese 🤣

  9. The data as cited in the article says otherwise. Denial rates are notably higher for non-white veterans over a 18 sample from 2002-2020. As a white male who’s still fighting an open appeal from a claim that is nearly 10 years old who also has STRs and 2 combat tours, my sole experience has very little bearing on this.

  10. Now let’s see the ratio in combat jobs.

  11. Sorry you spat out the wrong talking point, this was about race not sex.

  12. The thing is…. In 20+ years, you’re completely forgotten.

  13. In 5 you’ll be forgotten

  14. One company has workers fighting their government. The other doesn’t

  15. Portland is a shit hole I’m so happy I left

  16. Sure, there's nothing wrong with people proliferating or planning acts of terrorism. Just live and let live, right?

  17. Right because Twitter itself made that happen. If you need your world censored that’s sorry.

  18. Is that what you think is happening here? That a video of 51 people being murdered was taken down because it hurt people's feelings?

  19. No one said anything about hurting someone’s feelings what nonsense are you making up? I said it’s sorry if your world needs to be censored. No ones justifying the video. Nice try.

  20. Your institutionalized after 7-10 years man good luck

  21. …. Then they perpetuate the cycle. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  22. You should apply for your social security before you leave.

  23. I don’t think grooming would be the term. Grooming is so you can have a relationship with that person. His father isn’t trying to fuck him by bringing him to hooters.

  24. Now go apply for social security disability. (SSDI)

  25. Bufo I hear is something to try when all else fails

  26. Umm… bush literally invaded a country on lies. What’s shit talking about?

  27. it was a person above all, someone’s family. never blame the victim of a one sided senseless crime (given the context of this event)

  28. It was a person who would put you at peril with out any thought, fuck them.

  29. Yea man being considered static is a nice feeling

  30. Don’t have to divorce, legally separate.

  31. Their opinions stopped mattering in 1776 tho 🤷🏼‍♂️

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