1. Read the FAQ. Answers all of this perfectly.

  2. I mean just barely high not a whole inch I usually put them at the top of the diamond but every time I change the magnification on the scope the thing shoots low

  3. Wait…if you shoot at magnification a and then shoot at magnification b at the same distance, does the group position change?

  4. Yeah that was my thoughts as it's no cheap barrel. I am curious on it tho lol might just read what they have to say

  5. Frank Green from Bartlein has openly stated he only has a break-in policy on his website because they got tired of fudds calling repeatedly trying to figure out how to not ruin their barrel… Even he doesn’t actually believe in breaking one in.

  6. In my defense, this rifle isn't meant to be a bench gun, but it IS made to be minute-of-man out to 700 yards. 55gr won't do that for me, but a good load would. In hindsight, I may have opted for a criterion instead, but when my brother picked this thing up for the first time he was shocked how light it was.

  7. Im so confused. If its not meant to be a bench gun but meant for minute of man, and can hold minute of man with 77gr, why is it so disheartening to shoot the rifle that does exactly what you built it to do?

  8. I guess it's just OCD. It's mainly that my groups aren't always centered on the bullseye. When you have a 1.5" group on an offset of 0.5"-0.75" anywhere from the bullseye that's like 2" off point of aim - at 700y that'd be over a foot off of my POA

  9. First, find the ammo you want to use and then dont buy anything else.

  10. I would too. It would be very interesting to continue this test with several brands.

  11. FWIW, my torque wrench repeatability has carried through with ARC M10 rings and NF ultralight rings.

  12. Dude that is interesting. I can see advantages and disadvantages to both of our testing methods. (POI shift, vs group size) Both are important though.

  13. Yup, I was approaching it as a “Do I really have to rezero every time I change optics/barrels.”

  14. When you pull a barrel off and on, do you go hand tight or use a wrench? What type of shift do you normally see?

  15. Yeah, meant same barrel as in if they have their own repeatable base zero. Awesome, thanks for the response. A terminus build is likely in my future now that I am finally offloading my Desert Tech.

  16. This makes sense. It’s a 16” barrel designed around a HIGH pressure cartridge that gets the most out of a 16” barrel.

  17. Don’t focus on the barrel length alone. My long range rifles have had 16-18” barrels. Its the overall package that makes the Cross not ideal for long range and PRS compared to my 15lbs tank.

  18. I feel like that would almost be better to get in your off hand so you can reload and keep the finger near the trigger. Would be especially good that way for shooting prone

  19. Nah, bad idea all around. If you get it in your off hand, you have to come off the rifle completely to cycle the bolt. Imagine where your face will be at with the bolt all the way back.

  20. I should have added, although I am capable of such smooth-brain things, I did remove the zero stop before attempting to zero lol

  21. This comment is gold worthy now that I saw the actual issue. On the bright side, you nailed all of the potentially difficult parts and only got caught up on a very confusing portion of it.

  22. Loading at 45 degrees is not as easy as 90 degrees, and not as consistent without something to push against.

  23. Without hesitation. I love the AI and it will likely never get sold. However I wish I had went with the Zeus option from the start.

  24. Adaptability is the primary reason. It might not matter for most, but putting the lightest pencil 16” barrel on an AI is still going to be a 13-14lbs system. With only…I think 3 chassis options for it, it doesn’t leave that much room to play if you don’t love the options available.

  25. Hey now, I referenced an old dope card for a coyote when we were seeding without my full kit!

  26. Hell, I walk around with TWO separate ballistics solvers on me at all times - my watch and my phone. Both even have limited sensors on board to help with the atmospheric data.

  27. I normally keep a LRF and Kestrel on me in the field, but just forgot. I am jealous of the watch. If I still lived on the farm, I would certainly try one out.

  28. New SPR build with 16" White Oak SPR barrel. Had to file the handguard about .150" to get the AEM5 to seat on the collar correctly. Seeing .68-.81 MOA groups out of Black Hills 77gr OTM and average velocity of 2630 ft/s in 52F and 30.4 in Hg.

  29. Damn, I see this the day after I came to terms with listing my NF x24 for sale… Maybe I will keep it…

  30. Mil. I grabbed one of the Mil-R variants in like 16 or 17. Was considering moving it on so I can put cash back in my pocket for the short term but damn… I will want it back someday.

  31. Yes, but you see comments here often saying that improving the 3D graphics is a waste of resources because they only use 2D or because they dont watch any of the game so they wouldn’t benefit. It always leads to “you don’t need 3D to play FM” and that is the gatekeeping attitude I am talking about.

  32. I’m not gatekeeping here, but it’s not as simple as upgrading the graphics engine. Most of the game is still running on code that was written over 10 years ago. It’s old and most of it doesn’t take advantage of multi core computing power.

  33. I think you are hurting your own argument for why graphics shouldn’t be upgraded.

  34. Which one is more fun to me kind of depends on the mood. Sometimes rapid engagement on a larger target is more fun than first shot hits on something comparatively small. Overall, my gas gun is more of a tool to me and I usually prefer to grab my bolt guns for accuracy.

  35. The issue I had with my UTG side-mounted bipod was that it wasn't QD (absolute must for me) and that it was slippery.

  36. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good, or at least be prepared to pay for perfect.

  37. What are your thoughts on bipods vs bags in general? Do you know of a good way to load them on a concrete bench?

  38. I have bipods for all of my rifles and use them almost exclusively, but won’t hesitate to use backpacks and bags in some positions to get added stability.

  39. Its almost always worth waiting for the day 1 patch. They may implement fixes that were identified in the beta that could have changed how your first transfer window (or three) played out. That affects a save more to me than match engine updates.

  40. The big problem with mods and games that rely on yearly release models is that the mods can keep an old version on par (or even better) than new releases and prevent people from upgrading.

  41. Every barrel is different. You have to try everything and pick the best option based on your personal testing.

  42. The 7-35x ATACR is one of the best optics NF has ever produced. I was strongly considering the 4-32x NX8 for my ELR rig to save some coin, but I wouldn’t hesitate to get the ATACR if you can afford it.

  43. I kind of like the therapy answer, no BS.

  44. Flashbacks to one of the best threads to ever grace SnipersHide. Still can’t figure out if it was a troll or not.

  45. Alright, you gotta educate those of us out of the loop.

  46. NFA recommendations are hard because most people buy into one ecosystem and never leave it. Some have vastly different goals. I will take extra length and weight if it means more volume for noice reasons. Some prefer options like the Area419 Maverick for the recoil reduction.

  47. I think this is somewhat of an individual thing. If not cleaning works for you and you’re able to maintain an acceptable level of accuracy, you should definitely keep doing what you’re doing.

  48. The thing people fail to grasp about the “clean when precision drops off” method is they dont realize that you use that first drop off as a baseline. Never get near that baseline again without cleaning. I know my barrels’ baselines, and typically clean well before they reach them. I just know that I don’t need to commit to cleaning it if I dont have the time or desire some days. It is a practical precision thing though. I would probably try different methods if it were a BR barrel for example.

  49. It’s actually easier since it’s 1 screw rather than 4 screws.

  50. Thats not exactly true. You would think that, but I spend more time threading the AI’s barrel in than I do on a full caliber swap on the DT.

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