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  1. I certainly wouldn’t consider the GOP LGBT friendly, like at all! Maaaybe northeast republicans, but that’s it really. Dems don’t have enough votes in the senate to pass a law to codify folks that are same sex married, since Justice Thomas (another republican) wrote in the Dobbs decision that gay marriage should be next They only needed ten of the 50 and they don’t even have that! Doesn’t sound so inclusive to me.

  2. Well 1-no one expected the Supreme Court to take away a woman’s right that’s been in place for 50 years. Although knowing the republican’s agenda they should have. But I don’t get your logic, I should support a party that refuses to codify my current marriage because my party wants to do it now but should have done it before? That doesn’t really make sense.

  3. If Reddit has taught me anything it’s this: There has been a ton of shit I did/supported/agreed with l, that when viewed by someone without my life experiences is hurtful rather than helpful. Secondly, there is an entire world of people out there that have not grown up in the US and they all have wildly unique perspectives on the rest of the world that are different than mine. Both of those things, in my opinion, have made me improve myself and I’m thankful for that.

  4. Smartest thing I’ve read so far today! I’m with you, it took me a bit but now I get it, and try to reshape my thought process to consider others’ perspectives and how and why they differ from mine.

  5. Ah I see, actually just looked it up.. if 3rd degree and manslaughter are the same thing (it said each state has its own “definition” or punishment) then yes it wouldn’t make sense to charge him 3rd degree cos that’s more accidental. I changed my outlook after discussing it on here yesterday- namely a cop cannot kill someone without there being repercussions bcos that just leads to lawlessness itself and what’s to stop other cops from acting the same way. Although I still think the other guy completely disregarded many other lives that had nothing to do w what was happening. My initial view came out of emotional frustration at the current state of the city- which most would admit, feels pretty unsafe. However, the cops actions are not justified. Much love to all.

  6. No they are different, 3rd degree the main difference there is you need to prove the killing was a result of Malice, and there is a legal definition that the charge needs to meet. Manslaughter is a lesser charge and is killing based on the unreasonable belief that your life was in danger. Accidental killings are involuntary manslaughter, he was charged with that too.

  7. Definitely have a better understanding now, and I’m glad to have heard more logical outlooks rather than my initial. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and truly it a disgrace that someone lost their life by someone who is supposed to protect the public. Genuinely, thank you all <3

  8. I agree with you! And just let me call out, I read your initial post and the negative reaction to it, but you probed, you asked questions, you were inquisitive, and you learned something and you came around. Isn’t that the most we can ask of any human?

  9. On the other hand, who takes a photo of their dead mother lying in a coffin?

  10. I’m late to the party here but just wanted to say how lucky and blessed you are to have had that experience. I believe he left that message for you after he passed, and I assume for a dead person to do that expelled a lot of energy on his part, making it all the more special. Another way to look at this is the universe was rewarding you for being such a wonderful daughter to this man, and wanted to give you a parting gift from him. How beautiful this was.

  11. Don’t even bother with logical explanations, because it doesn’t matter. A very wise (at least in my opinion) psychic medium once told me not to question things when something good happens that you can’t explain. It doesn’t really matter whether it was paranormal, logical, or somewhere in between. What matters is it happened, it was meant to happen, and just be thankful that it did. I’m a bit of an empath and my first gut reaction when I read this was there isn’t a logical explanation, and I always trust me gut. But even if that wasn’t my gut it doesn’t matter. It happened, and it happened to you for a reason. It was a beautiful thing and your step dad was telling you he loved you. There isn’t anything more special than that.

  12. Even if this was true, wtf would America give a fuck about what the King of England says about who should govern our country. We fought a war over this already, and they lost.

  13. I literally said the exact same thing when I read this just with two more “fucks” in it! Lol

  14. They are - 1 has one, 1 doesn’t; their “souls” are merely a reflection of ours back at us, bc its rwacting to our soul conditions (where it be an individuated conscious personal experience or whether it be in reaction to humanity!: collective soul condition as a whole)

  15. My favorite part is how out of the millions of the people who bitch about trans women in women's sports, roughly 0% of them actually watch women's sports.

  16. OMG so true! This isn’t really something they care about, just a talking point/narrative their similarly close minded friends tell them they should care about.

  17. Oh it's not even their friends. That's the saddest part: they're being spoonfed these narratives directly from social media. Who is doing the feeding is up for debate but the GOP just latches on to it and everyone gets on board. Meanwhile all the sane people are just like "...why is THIS the hill these people are dying on again? Who TF cares?!?"

  18. You just described Fox News’ communication strategy! I agree but I think it’s a mix of social media, right wing news and people in their sad circles reverberating the shit they hear from the news and social media. It’s one sick vicious cycle of absurdity!

  19. This is the best one I’ve seen in a long time! Your cat is badass! I can just feel it from those eyes!

  20. the relevant part of the court's majority ruling, you may skip down to the bottom spaced apart portion for the important bit the rest is context.

  21. Isn’t that what everyone said when trump got elected…and look where we are now…

  22. You are missing the point here, the justices LIED to senators about their support for Roe, which is why and how Kavanaugh was confirmed. Had he told the truth, both Susan Collins and Joe Manchin wouldn’t have confirms him, and he was confirmed in a 50-48 vote.

  23. Sounds like you need some professional help

  24. Sounds like you stumbled into the wrong subreddit.

  25. Oh am I? Yes you must be right. Identifying that you clearly don’t understand this subreddit, coupled with the fact that you were just unnecessarily rude to multiple people, definitely makes me a moron. Check.

  26. You got up to go to the bathroom while asleep and you forgot to close the door when you got back into bed.

  27. Well…how much drugs did you do when you were younger? Lol

  28. So basically let’s live like Handmaids Tale…I have no words.

  29. My wife swears it's the Faeries. I can't tell you the number of times something goes missing and she asks the Faeries to, "Please quit teasing and give it back"... and it then turns up within a few hours... often in a place we'd already looked multiple times.

  30. Yes! I say this all the time! They can be mischievous!

  31. Visual cues too. Sometimes you appear sick before you actually feel it. Like looking tired or a bit pale or gaunt, etc.

  32. LOL! OMG I thought the same damn thing!

  33. Happens to a lot of us. I swear I can hear my husband walking around sometimes on our second floor when I’m in the shower, I can even feel the pounding vibrations sometimes (he’s a stomper), but half the time I hear him, I remember he’s in another state for work and not even home.

  34. Can you stop by my vents once you are done? I need some excitement in my life, please.

  35. DUDEEE let me tell you!! I had an insane astral travel two months ago. It started off with me on a bus, and once I got off there were women in burkas I think it’s called ( forgive me I’m uneducated about the culture ) and people were riding on camels. And I see this alluring building that was so mysterious. It enticed me so much. It was black and box shaped. I never went inside and woke up extremely curious about the building. Weeks later I’m on TikTok and see the exact same building and learned it’s called the Mecca! I was soooo SHOCKED. I traveled to this building without having any prior knowledge about it.

  36. I don’t think spirits or ghosts are things you purposefully want to interact with. They interact with us because they are trying to get our attention and tell is something, or give us a message. Unless of course it’s residual energy. But just my opinion - although paranormal encounters are super intriguing, I wouldn’t be seeking it out.

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