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  1. I personally don't believe in most channeled things unless someone is conveying a message from the departed. I've seen too many people claiming to channel messages from alien planets or magical beings that made no sense. I'd like to be proven wrong since those things would be fun in this mundane world but I doubt it will ever happen.

  2. Basically saying he's also willing to hire less qualified workers because they live beside the building instead of highly qualified individuals that are further and would work remotely.

  3. People like to attribute fault or credit towards some imperceivable entity.

  4. We're here and people are starving and dying. And it hurts to see. Who needs some supposed higher power who does not exist except in imagination?

  5. People rather sit on their ass on the couch and "pray" instead of actually helping the world. Religion made people less responsible.

  6. Can't ascend from religions, can only become prisoner of their dogma. It's only the people who can think for themselves that have a chance of going beyond what the church tells them.

  7. That's fine. There's millions of people that have no sex drive for a while, or forever.

  8. Some people want meaning in everything. Clouds, bugs, pimple, etc.

  9. Yes i believe in redemption. I think karma is on a scale. And you can put more things on the good side to put the balance in your favor.

  10. I belive in the Buddhism so I am against abortion because it's essentially ripping another form of soul out of your body. But at the same time, I understand that there are circumstances where the girl/women would have no other option but to get an abortion.

  11. That depends on which branch of Buddhism and what region of the world.

  12. You are killing something that is alive. Just like when you eat beef. I love eating meat

  13. I have friends in a similiar situation, so they are just waiting on cross-save and cross-play. It's taking them way too long for it.

  14. Who fought the vast majority of wars throughout human history?

  15. I'd like to follow this post to read at another time. How do I get updates on this? It's almost 4am and I need to sleep. 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  16. You can save the post or click the bell to get notified of new comments.

  17. I think it depends on what your pay is and how your boss treats you.

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