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  1. Soon is what happens when you are building stuff. Development takes time. There will be a lot of soons as things develop. One day there will be no more soons and that is the day we'll all be looking at some other new project and talking about it's prospects.

  2. Absolutely in love with your work!! Awesome stuff

  3. Winner2! Technically a pina colada is a boat drink but I’m not a purist :)

  4. If possible I’d actually love to pick one out, but I’m totally good with random as well! Thanks again!

  5. That’s fine. Pick one that is priced at 0.1eth and if it’s available, I’ll send it. Dm me your choice.

  6. Selling at a loss also allows them to lock in the loss on their taxes. After 30days they can buy it back then they won't have to pay taxes on it again until they sell it again.

  7. At this rate , in 2000 years 2% of the worlds population will be related to Elon.

  8. Mars will be renamed to Musk and everyone on Mars will be one of his ancestors

  9. Apathy. No one has been seriously charged for anything a no one believes they will be.

  10. there is a difference between Art and some automatic-generated random crapolo like metaboy. Real art has true value (brings pleasure etc), while crap like most of the GME marketplace, are just a speculation tool for ppl hoping to buy cheap and sell high.

  11. If you think Metaboy was generated by computers and not by someone working very hard for months, then arguably working even harder minting those on the marketplace because there are no bulk minting tools, I would like to invite you to give it a shot yourself.

  12. your definition of "very hard" is: creating a bunch of crappy parts like torso, head, weapon and bgd and then use randomizer to create gifs from them. Top notch hard work indeed xD

  13. Snagged one! Made it my profile pic on wallet - will have memories whenever looking back on it. Thank you

  14. You don't have to use the gamestop wallet. You can connect your loopring wallet to the marketplace using wallet connect. Just scan the QR code to connect.


  16. You're comparing listening to a song digitally with going to a concert? Or comparing it to buying a cd? Your example was regarding seeing something in person e.g. artwork in a gallery compared to seeing it on a mobile phone so I assume you mean comparing a concert to a MP3?

  17. I meant. We can buy music digitally through itunes. We can also listen to it for free now on many services. If the art was intended for digital viewing you don’t need to go to a gallery to view it. And rather than paying the gallery for the opportunity to view it, you can pay the artist that created it.

  18. Personally I don't know anyone that buys music through iTunes anymore as they just use streaming services in which you get large quantities of music for a small price so it doesn't really compare to your example

  19. Ok. That’s fair. But as all that happened the creators kept getting less and less value for their works while the services profited more and more. This may just be a short term thing but it’s nice to have a way for people to support creators directly.

  20. This one is only available for Launch Week. The Launch Day version sold 550 copies and the remaining 450 copies are burned as of yesterday.

  21. Thanks - we wanted to do something special for the start. We know the future will be more than just art NFTs, this is just the start of our trip to the moon.

  22. The Gamestop wallet is much cheaper to set up and you can still do transactions on Layer2

  23. People want to retire so they cash out. New people reach an age where they have money and want to buy in. Or people want to buy a car so sell. Etc etc. value doesn’t matter if you don’t use it for things.

  24. I can vouch for this. We submitted our application 3 times before acceptance. I think you just have to hit them at the right time.

  25. 0x9E29f3197D75952fF3eF13909fb488468c5a4AE6

  26. Great job sir. Shrunken heads are awesome as well. Looking forward to finding these in the marketplace.

  27. Thanks - We hope to have a whole new collection of Shrunken Heads on there in the near future too.

  28. How does one acquire one of these souvenirs pre-launch ?

  29. Nice job. How did you create the animation for this? Record or periodic pics?

  30. I’m drawing in Procreate on an ipad. Procreate can record you as you are drawing.

  31. Notice on how only #loopring is tagged and no one else. Tits Jacqued!

  32. Most of us got our start in the loopring discord. I minted a bit on opensea in the past but fees were killing me - so gave loopring a shot. Then one thing led to another and here we are. So we tag Loopring. They may a world we can afford to participate in.

  33. Sounds like Gamestop used this format as the example and there wasn't a requirement to use the exact wording, but a lot of the artists agreed to do it at the same time with the example format that Gamestop used.

  34. Wow - it sounds exactly like that’s what we did :P Then we all retweeted each other for fun :) -wagmi-

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