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  1. They also could buy a house for way cheaper than we will be seeing for awhile unless the market crashes :(

  2. It’s on YouTube. Season 1. That was the only way I could see it. Just type TopBoy Season 1

  3. You need to login to one of your hot wallets and disable there, as it doesn’t show up in a ledger wallet.

  4. I can connect via Bluetooth for swaps on astroport but I can’t do something more complex like getting amps boost on prism

  5. Hmm, I haven’t tried prism yet. That may be because prism is new and may not support mobile properly? Have you tried other dApps?

  6. Ya I’m debating if I should put some in tbonds or not, but I guess everyone must be thinking that and not doing it since it’s been below so long. Discord says whale arbs are keeping it down

  7. Take it with a grain of salt, every project discord/telegram will blame "the whales" whenever it's value is down.

  8. I bought in at $10 and sold at $35. The key to crypto is to not get greedy.

  9. Good for you. I wanted to TP at $45 but all mine was locked in staking LOL. Lesson learned. I still would’ve held half my stack or bought back lower as I’m bullish on the future

  10. Alternatively if you have bio auth enabled on another account on the app, you could switch to that account and disable bio auth and try again

  11. If that doesn't work and it is safe to delete the other station accounts (seed phrase saved) you could clear app data altogether and try again

  12. It worked! Thank you for help. I’ll let Terra know in discord to update the wallet so bio auth can be compatible in the future hopefully, as I’d still like that for my non ledger wallets.

  13. As a side FYI, you can extend your relock at any time once per week.

  14. ^ this. I re-lock every 2 weeks and claim rewards then too (as my bag isn’t huge in traditional xLQDR). Essentially yours kissing those locked tokens goodbye for the trade off of consistent APR. You should have your token value back in about a year of rewards then you’re playing with house money.

  15. I locked my lqdr for a year and I’m getting exposure to different tokens. It pays once a day and to me it’s awesome. APR is around 100% which of course depends on the value of said tokens, but it’s great. Beethoven x is a whole different thing, holding fbeets will give you voting power on what LPs are incentivized and it’s possible to receive bribes when voting for certain pools.

  16. Just an FYI if you don’t know, the APR scales down with how long you lock for, 2 year max lock is the ~100% quoted. You’ll have to input your # of weeks in the calculator to see your APR for each coin.

  17. But there can be indicators, and maybe someone here knows what's up. So what u said isn't true all the time.

  18. In all honesty I watched the co-founder interview and he seemed very genuine. I don’t think they expected to have this much success and are trying hard to keep up with the community’s demands.

  19. It might not be a bad idea to have a bit for airdrops, similar to Ion.

  20. 2. I use a mobile device. Just downloaded Terra Station Mobile Wallet to my android and connected with QR-code to Anchor. Super easy and works with the on-ramp you are suggesting.

  21. Ledger nano X is compatible with mobile Terra station now but I haven’t been able to get it to pop up a transaction sign yet always fails before that. I can see my wallet and connect but can’t transact yet to my knowledge

  22. Okey so you still have to use the web wallet for transactions and the mobile wallet only works for checking balance for now? Hopefully with an update they will fix that.

  23. Thanks for the reply. It still takes 3 weeks to withdraw the Luna though doesn’t it?

  24. The main reason I got a Nano X was for the Bluetooth, sadly I’m never at home so I’ll have to use it with my phone on the go.

  25. Ya I use osmosis too but one thing I don't really like about it is that all rewards are in osmos and I don't really know how much I'm getting from which pool so was looking for an LP that pays in CRO

  26. What do you mean by you’re not sure how much you’re getting? If you don’t want to accumulate OSMO you can always swap rewards to CRO, UST, etc

  27. Eg I have 4 pools. Every day I get 1 osmo, but I dunno which pool contributed how much of that 1 osmo reward so I can't swap rewards just from the CRO pool into CRO

  28. Gotcha! Yeah the airdrop of funds to your OSMO wallet is all combined in one. A pain in your case but saves us from multiple transactions with fees in the future to claim rewards.

  29. Hello! First, please make sure you’re using the official Anchor and Terra Station sites from:

  30. I've already got a Terra station wallet, it contains a small amount of UST and it contains the aUST from my Earn deposit on Anchor Protocol. How do I protect that wallet with my nano s? As previously stated, I have added the Terra app on Ledger Live, and "terra" is visible on my nano display. I'm stuck on the next step. Is it adding an account? How? Accounts is grey-ed out on Ledger Live.

  31. Oh right on! I don’t use ledger live for Terra, I’m not sure if you can?

  32. End of year is pretty short-minded imo. Largely relies on the macro scale (BTC/Stocks/bonds). I’m holding OSMO for 3-5 years, once the inflation is dried up then we’ll see what it’s really worth.

  33. Dynamic DCA is a great strategy I picked up from a fellow DeFi person. Any technical analysis TA knowledge will help you determine price zones to buy, then you’d start by buying 1 JUNO at your first zone. Then 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. This way the further it drops the more you accumulate and bring your average cost basis down.

  34. I'm not a coder or a developer so I couldn't tell you technically why there seems to be a few hurdles at the moment, though, I do absolutely believe they are justified otherwise it would have been sorted by now.

  35. More information has been coming out, which I presume is delaying the process as Core-1 tries to find a United stance before launching a proposal. New addresses of whale were discovered by validator Joe Abbey.

  36. I was hoping for a good rate on Stablecoins. I saw .25% ?????

  37. For stablecoins you’ll have to venture further into DeFi if you want to find good rates on stablecoins. I personally use Anchor protocol on Terra and Vector Finance on Avalanche. Both are cheap withdrawal fees from app but will take some learning to get used to.

  38. How do you know scrt has future airdrops lol. That's what I want to know

  39. JKL jackal dao is announced for April 9 starting snapshots. SCRT is the best parameter, staked to their validator

  40. Impermanent loss is only the change in underlying tokens. It will account for some of the drop but mostly OSMO price drop is affecting your pool.

  41. That is the whale wallet address, if there is another wallet tied to him I have yet to see it

  42. FUD moves markets more than anything with retail investors. Since Juno isn’t listed on CEX all there is is retail and whales to move the needle, so emotions are a lot more of a factor

  43. Been confirmed there’s more wallets. Joe abbey the validator uncovered em check his tweets

  44. This is the answer I was looking for hell yah. I don't want to manage LPs with this, just looking for a simple play like 8% and forget that won't be a total roller coaster. A place to stash profits for bigger plays later type of savings. (Everyone here assumes life savings idk)

  45. Sorry I had a type, anchor earn is currently 19.5% and has been for a year :) it will come down to reality a bit though as a new proposal just passed to make it dynamic to lengthen the reserve funds use.

  46. Agreed! I'm a Jade stake for the foreseeable future. I'm giving some serious thought to moving it into a Tether stake. Tether isn't going anywhere, it's trustworthy in my opinion. I'm trying to find cons, but I don't really see any.

  47. Since you stake for jade I would keep a quick emergency portion in flex earn on cdc in ur native currency stablecoin. Then you can easily load your card or withdraw to your bank if needed.

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