1. While I also have a large bra cup size (J UK/M US), I don’t have the same struggle, and I’m sure a lot will never guess my size correctly since many still have misconception of what bra cup sizes look like (FYI for those who didn’t know, D and DD cups are on the small-average side of the cup size range). Breast shape makes a big difference, so it’s very likely that our shapes are quite different and our bodies in general are different (you didn’t mention band size, so we might be completely different in band sizes).

  2. Thanks for the ideas. I'm quite sure of my cup size as I have been professionally fitted multiple times. I don't think a minimizer bra is the solution as they either shove the tissue under the armpits and put me in a hulk stance, or they squish the tissue upwards which takes away what little space I have between jaw and boobs.

  3. People commenting on your chest sucks. I’m sorry that happens to you. I hope you get to meet Deaf people with similar body frames as yours. I said body frames rather than just chest sizes because a K cup can look very different on someone with a 28 band compared to someone with a 40 band.

  4. I can't help you with the measurements I'm afraid, but I can say that putting on a bra takes a bit of practice - the hook and eye clasps have a bit of a knack to them!

  5. Adding another method of putting on a bra: I tend to lean forward and clasp the bra in back, then put my straps on and swoop and scoop. I avoid doing the rotation thing for two reasons: 1) I found it more cumbersome than reaching behind and clasping (weird, I know) and 2) it apparently can wear out your bra faster. But some people don’t have the ability to clasp in back, so if you, OP, prefer to clasp in front and rotate, be gentle with your bras.

  6. My opinion might be a bit unpopular, but I think some people place too much cultural significance on name signs that it creates some issues that felt a bit gatekeeping to me. There are situations, mainly the ones involved young children, where I feel the strict viewpoint of “fingerspelling names until a Deaf person gifts name signs” is not helpful. I think we need to be more flexible and look at individual cases and offer advice appropriate for the case. Anyway…

  7. 100%. In my experience thus far, the people loudly screeching "you can ONLY get a sign name from a Deaf person, with no exceptions" tend to be hearing people, whereas Deaf/deaf/HoH people tend to be much more relaxed about it, recognizing and honoring that one's name is their most personal and sacred possession, and that while there may be customs and traditions around sign-names, there are no rules or laws.

  8. Yeah, I feel I’ve been seeing a lot of this idea from students taking ASL classes. I also saw some people saying that receiving a name sign is a badge of honor, and I don’t see it that way at all. I give name signs because name signs are convenient. Neither perspective is wrong, IMO. It’s just different. I’m sure there are many deaf/HOH people who are more serious about name sign customs, while there are also many who aren’t. Different backgrounds and experiences affect how we view it.

  9. I was so confused at this post until I remembered that when Amaya signed the “she thinks I’m cute” part, it wasn’t subtitled. ASL is my primary language, so I understood her immediately.

  10. I was confused about that since I don't know asl

  11. A lot of people don’t. I also just remembered thinking when that scene happened, “Wait? Did I just have access to something important before many others do simply because I know ASL? Oh, this feels weird but good.” I understand the frustration when her lines aren’t captioned, especially if the creators do really harp about inclusion (I don’t follow this fandom closely so I don’t pay attention to interviews, articles, etc), but I’ll be lying if I say it didn’t feel good to have the upper hand for once, because in many situations, hearing people have the upper hand and deaf/hard of hearing people are the last to find out about stuff. A bit of “now you know how I feel when I don’t understand something and have to ask people online to transcribe it for me.”

  12. You mean like how Kazi had a scene explicitly stating they were nonbinary? Or how Runaan and Ethari talked about how they were each other's GAY lover?

  13. To your last paragraph, I’m Deaf and rarely wear my hearing aid to listen to TV. Even if I do, I won’t be able to tell if it’s a feminine voice or not. Subtitles usually do not include details on feminine vs masculine voices unless the captioner knows it’s a significant detail. Captioners don’t always have that information, so if the subtitles don’t include the detail, I’ll never know unless I seek out an online TDP community for other reasons and happen to find a post talking about it. I hate when important information is delivered only through sound that is not included in the subtitles (happened a lot, especially with theme songs in MCU and Star Wars), because the only way I know is through online communities. Your suggestion means only people who can hear and tell the difference have access to that information and people like me get left out and are forced to find out in other ways.

  14. The role of an interpreter requires you to be able to hear as well as sign.

  15. They could become a CDI. I haven’t had a CDI in a medical setting but I imagine some people will find it useful.

  16. That! We see CDIs in media and in courts. Spread that out to other settings, especially where fully understanding information is so important, like medical situations.

  17. TOA took me a while to get through it, but I don’t hate it. If you’re unsure, borrow the first book from your local public library and try it.

  18. I understand that principle but I don't see how it can be helpful when measuring pendulous breasts, which is why I asked if there was a special method for taking the standing method. Anyway, after I get home tonight, I'll take all the measurements and see how it turns out.

  19. It’s okay if the calculator isn’t accurate. It’s just a starting point. The calculator underestimated my cup size, probably because my measurements threw it off. I did manual calculations in the wiki and found that just using the leaning measurement instead of averaging the three bust measurements despite being quite projected is more accurate. You could try both approaches to manual calculation described in the wiki (I’m on mobile, so I’ll try to find a link for it and update this comment) and then try several sizes. I had to do that anyway because I immediately knew the calculator was off since I already owned a swim top at that size and was severely spilling out.

  20. I know several people with missing fingers or hands, and I can still understand them well. Your partner will need to adjust some signs as he learns ASL, but with practice, he should be fine. ASL can be very flexible as not everyone has full mobility in both hands — not just missing finger/hand, but also cerebral palsy, broken hand in a cast, arthritis, and even just holding something in one hand. We adapt signs when we need to, so we also learn how to understand others’ modified signs.

  21. I will always remember the first time I needed to explain this to someone. I was an education major in college doing a field experience one semester in a kindergarten classroom. I had carefully planned a lesson on ASL and things were going well and I was adjusting as things went along, but I felt like I had planned ahead for every question or potential adjustment. Then I was teaching the class a “w” hand shape and a girl raised her hand and announced, “um, I can’t do that! I have four fingers!” I glanced over and yep, she only had four fingers on each hand. I had known this student for like 2 months by that point and had never noticed.

  22. Can relate with not noticing the missing finger right away. I had a similar experience where I didn’t notice a student’s missing thumb right away. I had another student who didn’t have a hand, and while that was noticed right away, he signed so fluently (a native signer) that his missing hand doesn’t matter at all. We could have long, animated conversations (the kid loved to talk, ha) and I understood him as well — or better than — as other students.

  23. I was mainstreamed. (19, so only about 4 years ago) There was definitely a feeling of loneliness for me because my Deafness is severe enough that I can't understand speech at all, I can't even lipread. I had sign language interpreters in my classes which I think put me at a better advantage but still, my peers would often talk to them and never me which just made me sad. I didn't get enough direct communication with people in my age group so I think I was a little behind socially.

  24. I don’t have a lot of experience with mainstreaming myself (grew up attending a deaf school) but I work with some students who transfer to my deaf school from their mainstream programs and their experiences vary greatly. Some did well and transferred because they want deaf experience, while some were left behind in their schools and transferred to my school because my school is a better option for their education. I’m also part of the Academic Bowl competition that include both mainstream and deaf schools. Some mainstream teams do consistently well and some don’t. Their teachers face similar problems as deaf schools do: not enough resources and many students with severe language deprivation that affects their academics.

  25. Do you have resources for where I can look up reviews of deaf schools? I’m currently looking into the Indiana School for the deaf.

  26. I don’t know if there are any decent websites or anything for that. I’d instead ask many people who went there (sr if anyone here went there and check local FB groups if you’re doing it all online) and make visits. People can be biased where they love or hate their deaf school experience (I love mine, my sister hated hers, and we both go to the same school, two years apart), hence why I said to collect as many opinions as you can.

  27. I’m American, and I always have my dining room adjacent to the kitchen because it makes sense and all places I have lived in have dining rooms next to kitchens. Maybe it’s a regional thing or type of houses (I’m more familiar with ranch houses than McMansion houses, for example), or maybe people just build differently in the Sims?

  28. The calculator isn’t 100% accurate (it underestimated my cup sizes), but it’s a starting point. I agree with the advice on trying different sizes because I had to do that and it worked for me. Buy from websites with good return policies (I like Amazon Try Before You Buy for this purpose) so you can try as many bras as you want to determine your size. Then, focus on finding bras that fit your shape and other needs well.

  29. I don't think they outsource help for captioning, I think that's just the YouTube auto-captioning system. Same thing happens on TikTok and IG where Lewberger is spelt incorrectly a lot, and it will occasionally sub in weird words if someone speaks too quickly.

  30. Auto-generated captioning has a different format, like being left-aligned instead of centered and adding a word as it's being spoken instead of displaying the whole sentence or phrase at once. It's also worded differently in the subtitles setting and won't have the CC icon show up under videos on the video library page (although YouTube seems to remove that feature because I don't see it anymore, which is super annoying).

  31. All posts in this subreddit are marked spoilers, so don’t worry about that.

  32. Probably alot of that is the older, angrier demographics.

  33. Yeah, and the younger generation is more online, being exposed to more ideas and diverse people unlike before. I’d see many online discourses on “disability” not being a bad word from many people with different disabilities, and a couple of decades ago, this kind of discussion looked different because the Internet was very different back then. We still see people using “differently-abled” and similar wording, but people are quick to educate. Information online being more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people means we’re exposed to discourses in various disability communities and I think that helps a lot with our own discourses within the deaf community.

  34. Its adversity to any semblance of medical progress towards quality of life for deaf people that isn't just overpriced hearing aids, or a ... gasp .. cure for deafness.

  35. I’ve seen more and more people embracing the idea of deafness as disability, but we still have people who disagree, and I think the latter is louder and more visible than the former.

  36. I used more CC this time and started using presets and more custom sliders as well for some. Most of them are on the gallery, my ID is levixdjh Make sure to enable CC to see them!

  37. Uh... not sure if there is a sign for a specific breed of dog (or cat, for that matter). But... you could do a compound? Like the sign for Wales/Welsh is

  38. I’ve seen Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, and Golden Retriever signed, but mainly it’s because most of these breeds have existing signs or can easily use a classifier (spots for Dalmatian). I also have seen and used “dog hotdog/sausage” for Dachshund… guilty lol

  39. I feel like I’m missing something about Apollo that makes nearly every fan cast I’ve seen on Reddit aging him up. Percy said Apollo looks 17 or 18 in TTC (I just checked my copy because I remember late teenage years but wasn’t sure what age specifically). Apollo in PJO and later series has always given a strong teenage vibe, yet so many fan casts have actors who are way too old to be Apollo if we’re sticking with his portrayed age in the books.

  40. I've brought this up before but personally I would've preferred both Artemis and Apollo being casted by newer, unknown or lesser known actors

  41. Yes! They’re supposed to be “young” gods as in them preferring to appear as a child or teenage rather than an adult. Our current young cast mostly has done a film or two but I wouldn’t consider them as well known as some other actors at their age — that might change with PJO, of course. So, I’m thinking of young actors who either have no experience yet but are talented or who have some experience but aren’t huge names. We don’t need every single god to be played by a big name.

  42. Not as long as they hire someone who looks like Thalia.

  43. But we can’t expect that. I know I don’t. My expectations for characters’ physical appearances in the show have been erased, since many actors so far do not resemble their book counterparts.

  44. Well isn’t that just a shame. I honestly wish the show was animated, then everybody wins.

  45. Different opinions and preferences. I don’t mind the change. I think that makes the casting more exciting for me because I now have no idea who they will pick. It’s a fun surprise every time Rick announces a casting. I know many don’t share my excitement.

  46. Ah maybe a bit old, he’s 13 and Nico is meant to be 10, but has a good look

  47. Since Nico is likely not cast anytime soon, if one wants to do a fan cast now, one needs to look for actors under 10 as by the time Nico is cast, the actor will be close to Nico’s age in TTC. The actor might even be an unknown now.

  48. I’m really curious to see who will play Nico and Thalia (and every PJO character, really) because we don’t even know if their actors will resemble the book characters, so with the fan casts, people might need to broaden their options and look for actors who may not resemble the book characters.

  49. I live with a deaf roommate and work at a school for the deaf, so every single day, but when I do errands, maybe once or twice a month — sometimes more than that. I live in an area with a large deaf population so it’s not a rare occurrence for me to bump into a familiar face or get an employee who knows some signs.

  50. Definitely modern day. This is pretty much out of the question.

  51. I thought I read somewhere that the time setting will be ambiguous but wasn’t sure if it was a fan who said it or if Rick said something like that. Either way, I agreed with you. I don’t see the show having a specific and explicit time period like 2000s.

  52. That’s so true!! I love seeing how their story changes, thank you! It’s my fave hair rn so I had to use it, looks good on like every sim

  53. WCIF the skin details CC? I’m always on the hunt of good skin details.

  54. Same here! Recently discovered some new ones, these are what she has on, Skin Tone:

  55. While I agree with the comments about not having to use ASL for hand signals, if you prefer to use ASL, could the sign for toilet/bathroom/potty work?

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