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  1. Me and my 5 and 1/2 months old golden retriever go for a nice slow hour walk and by the end of it about 10 minutes and she wants to do zoomie's lol You're doing just fine more than fine you're doing great! And then we go for sniffy walks sometimes. I think it just depends on your dog and how your guys's schedule is and how much energy they have. Like right now she's got Coccidia And we only go out for like 20 minutes half an hour at the most cuz she needs to get the energy out she wants to get that energy out. By the time the day is done she is a tired pup and a tired pup is a happy pup!

  2. The late Christopher Lee,Ewan McGregor,Harrison Ford,Natalie Portman,Domhnall Gleeson,Oscar Isaac,etc I can go on, are far more superior actors through other projects over Driver, imo. I agree that he did a decent job on Star Wars, but he would, he is a Juilliard trained actor, one expects that, not to mention he had experience over the likes of Boyega and Ridley who I find to be more standouts simply for being new, not sharing that level of training or experience. Sadly, they were given shit to work with, and everyone hates Rey, by defacto some treated Ridley badly. She is not a nepo actor,so zero connections, and was working at a pub before SW, I would dare say she braved this job.

  3. This this right here is rightly said and very fair to say thank you so much 🥰 May the force be with you my friend

  4. That's amazing My five and a half month old golden is just tearing around the house Zoomies definitely can't leave her alone yet lol But yeah she's really good with her crate if they're really good with their crate that's a good sign that they're comfy You're doing a good job!!!

  5. There are a lot of sad moments I wouldn't say this is the saddest of them. But now knowing what we know because of the book of boba Fett, and how they feel a lot of emotion and imprint on their owner I would have to say yes this is a sad moment more now because of the knowledge that we have because of the show. Cuz I watched the show and then watch the originals and I was actually kind of sad. Because they are like dogs kind of and raincars were born to fight but they don't have to It's kind of like dog fighting and that's really sad and the fact that he loses him is really sad. And the fact that they're a rare creature too that's really sad. So yeah this is one of the saddest moments it hit me like I didn't expect it and I actually did cry.

  6. My four and a half month old golden retriever probably about a month ago showed the whole apartment complex that we live in her new pool lol. It was adorable every time when someone pass by the porch she was like here look at my pool!! Isn't it great!!! It was absolutely adorable other than that she's super shy but she's going to be going to a doggie daycare just socialize more so she can show dogs more of her stuff lol.

  7. Same it's just me my sister and her husband and her family. We know there's a little bit in Michigan where we live and a little bit in Texas where they used to live but it's mostly underground. I wish it wasn't like this. So yeah it's been really hard for me and my sister's family to find Norse pagans around. So I feel you on that part. But yeah mostly we're solitary because we can't find others we do have a Norse fire festival every few months which is nice that's mostly people wanting to see things like it's an "attraction"But then you find other people there that are actually your kindred there so it helps. But yeah I definitely relate to what you're saying.

  8. I (30F) I'm following this because I'm wondering the same damn thing lol My girl is 4 months(Golden Retriever) I don't want to put on makeup again but I just feel unattractive I'm trying to get my confidence back because I know it's affecting my training with my puppy but I want to follow people's tips on here. I would also like to help and I am being very honest and vulnerable when I say I would like to know too.

  9. When the parents aren't being responsible and the kids are just running up I tell the kids and a firm voice not a yell a firm voice to stop! My puppy's little (she's not she's a golden retriever four months old but still The kids don't know that but they understand she's a baby) I tell the kids that she's just a baby and she can bite and jump 🛑 So I say I don't feel Good or comfortable with you coming up to my dog but you can wave you can say hi and the kids absolutely love that and then go back to their parents. I get snooty looks but I don't give a crap. I put my dog my furchild first. I'm also being responsible because I am also a nanny knowing that kids can be unpredictable too. So I'm actually thinking of my puppy and their children at the same time. Get the kids to wave at the puppy from a distance and then they'll move on. You'll get snooty looks but who cares You're protecting your baby.

  10. Hugs My almost 4 month old golden is going through her little "threenager" adolescent stage I understand she just barked for like an hour straight do you know how I know is because my show went on for 60 minutes and she didn't stop until the show ended lol Good luck I got an early bloomer

  11. There are certain videos on YouTube that are specifically for dogs scared of fireworks. That works for my golden. Good luck!

  12. This is absolute adorableness!!! I love this so much and friends make life so much better 🥰

  13. I have a 12-week-old golden retriever she did the same thing for a while but we came prepared get a three-pronged nylabone and a stuffy she's not going to rip up and I'm guessing there is a blanket that the breeder gave you if not get a blanket that she really likes in there. Stuffed animals dog toy stuffed animals that are recommended is go dog they're really good like they're expensive but they're good they don't rip apart and they're textury so she'll want to just snuggle with it and chew it and mine literally falls asleep. Also so she doesn't pee in her crate or have to pee in the middle of the night she might have to still but just to keep her hydrated I always give my dog one small ice cube just to give her that like okay I've had my drink for the night also I know this is one big run-on sentence sorry. Also since it's probably hot out for you I would recommend if you have a little bed for her wrap that bed in like a nice cool bed sheet you can even put it in the freezer for like a little bit before bed so she can have something nice and cool to settle down for bed. If she's teething right now like mine then a nylabone is definitely to settle down also anything with lavender in it like lavender scented wipes is a good thing. Another thing that settles down my little golden is brushing her teeth she loves when I do that and me and my mom take 5 to 10 minutes of our time before she goes to bed to just give her a bunch of attention and snuggle her and then she goes right in her crate for bed. She also has a fan by her bed she has a cover but we put the fan by the cover so she literally has like this little air conditioned bedroom lol I spoil her. But I just want to make sure she gets the best. Which I'm sure you want your little girl to have. And also keep your tone low no high voices just very calm and low and put on a YouTube video for dogs to help them go to sleep they work at least for my dog. Those are my suggestions I hope they work Good luck hang in there 🥰🐾

  14. Exactly you got it! Don't worry about it mostly leave them in there is for a couple hours if you want to go out to eat go out and side on the porch read a book relax That's what I'm really trying to do I'm doing like half an hour to 15 minute increments of that because it's still hard for me to do and relax so I totally understand.

  15. And it's not cruel I promise you it will create better behavior for your pup in the long run.

  16. Look I have a 3-month golden she's either outside playing around with me or going potty or going for a big long walk, and then back in her playpen but if the playpen needs to be cleaned I put her in her crate, And that's where I come to my next point. The greatest thing is the crate. It's 1,000% going to be your best friend when doing time outs or enforcing naps or when you just need a break, which I've learned on here and a trainer and you kind of have to have tough love unfortunately and I'm horrible at that but I'm getting better. So I definitely know how you feel but the three places she needs to be is playpen outside and/or in her crate.

  17. I have to pause my boss fights in the middle because she gets so excited that she has to go to the bathroom so I have to pause it thank goodness there's a pause button lol

  18. Also her other favorite movie I forgot to mention was had a train your dragon she loves toothless also when I play games and I fight a boss she gets excited did anybody else's dogs do that?

  19. Padmé My now 3-month-old golden retriever, loves my neighbor Totoro, Winnie the Pooh, BBC Sarah and duck cartoon show and a lot of anime lol She absolutely loves Ariana grande her favorite song I don't know but she definitely loves music and all kinds of different movies.

  20. My condolences he looks like a good brave boy and he'll always be a part of your life 🐾💐🐾

  21. I know she is amazing! She's a cream golden so she's going to be light coated her whole life like her mom and dad and they were also slim I also have her on a good diet and she's outside all the time running around lol her back is starting to get a little curly like her mom's but I couldn't have asked for a more unique dog I love goldens 💜🐾💜🐾✨

  22. Agreed.... Mine (R.I.P. "Sir Chalupa") was somewhat lighter as a baby, but adulthood filled him out, feathered his fur, and turned him DARK Golden (a few shades shy of a lighter Irish Setter). 😿💔

  23. Accidents happen and are very normal and will continue for several months. DO NOT react to the barking: Turn around, leave the room, disengage, don’t talk to her & don’t even look at her. I know this phase is hard but it’s only about who’s more patient in this scenario. You or she??

  24. Thank you I try doning that but if it go for than 5 minutes I really quickly to see if she needs to potty and if she doesn't then back in her play pen or crate she goes. And I don't talk to her but my mom tells her shhh and then I'm my mom please let her be stop and Mom won't but because of this comment she's listening lol

  25. First I thought about my religion I am Norse pagan / heathen and then I thought about my love for Star wars and how the story and the Norse stories that I was told coincide with each other even George Lucas said that he based some of his storytelling with Norse and Christianity big no no in Norse community and religion but oh well. Anyway so I thought about those two things and I thought about the typical names Luke Leia Obi-Wan Han but everybody kept picking those as dog names and then I thought of other names that really weren't thought of and that's how I thought of Padmé. And I always loved how padme was strong and beautiful and kind and sensitive. Other names that I picked were lavender, starlight, And if you get stuck on names look on Pinterest That's my suggestion that will spark something. When I went to see my puppy with the breeder for the first time I was saying the name every now and then and seeing what puppy would respond to the name and then the second time I went I knew said it excitedly and see which one would come I picked two puppies and neither one of those came so we brought out all of the puppies and only one came and she came three times to her name and that's how Padmé picked me out 🐾💜🐾💜✨ Don't worry when you know you know and if you don't then your puppy will pick its name you'll have that instant connection I had the same exact worries as you I was on my last day Don't worry it'll happen. Find something you are passionate about pick a name from that and go with it.

  26. Get ready for sleep deprivation. When you train them and take them to puppy classes stick to those commands and tricks and training because it'll be good for their behavior in the long run. Stick with it everyday which brings me to my next thing. Have them outside often and have a schedule. You won't have a schedule right away you'll just have to feel it out and make one on your own. If you have one already that's great but you'll probably tweak it along the way. Also be patient with potty training and use the point system if you feel lost 10 points if they go potty outside minus 100 if they have an accident inside once you get to a thousand you were a potty training master I however am waiting until I get to a 1,500 just to be sure. When potty training always remember these things Take them outside after they wake up from a nap, after they wake up in the morning, before they go to bed, when you do a new activity or puzzle AKA and enrichment toy, when you introduce them to something new like a blow dryer or something as simple as brushing their fur, after a car ride, And of course after they eat. Give them lots of encouragement throw a potty party as they say wait until they're fully done going potty then celebrate and give them a treat!

  27. Might be an old scab from a black fly bite. They tend to be nasty this time of year. That's what happened to my little girl pup. And it's just fine you leave it be just like a mosquito bite.

  28. I knew about fear imprint. That and teenage adolescent behavior but I didn't know about adolescent fear period 😰 Thank you for informing me I'm going to start looking that up and start preparing. Right now my pup is going through an early teenage phase...🤣 I know I'm a long ways off because my golden pup Padmé is only 10 and 1/2 weeks going on 11 weeks but still I want to be prepared.

  29. Also another tip the reason why maybe they don't like their nylabones is cuz they're too smooth what you want to do is this Go outside go find some concrete rub the edges of the bone on the concrete and then rub it in some grass and dirt and then make sure it's you know washed off pretty good or wipe it off and then give it back That's another tip that I did and that worked with my pup.

  30. Trust me the struggle is real I have a 10 and 1/2 almost 11 week old Golden retriever puppy It's very real. She's doing better but some days are just regression. But my anxiety has calmed a little I don't cry as much and I can manage a schedule now which is great! It does get better but yes the struggle is real I'm figuring out her personality what she likes what she doesn't like all that kind of stuff and that's what makes it wonderful That's what I love about it and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world 🐾💜🐾

  31. I just can't wait until the baby teeth are gone at 4 months and then she's been through two heat cycles because she's a golden and I want her to be healthy that's my goal and then I can get her fixed and then she'll be good and that's around the time she'll be one probably.

  32. Yes, she's just processing, especially if she follows the command after a little bit. It takes focus to process what humans are saying especially if there are any distractions present. Even if a puppy knows a command 100% it can sometimes take time to hear it and then act on it.

  33. My Padmé (golden retriever 10wks) does the same thing! Glad this is what it was lol she's like wait hold on I know this one... 😆

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