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  1. Raise chickens and turkey, even less human contact! And they don't care if a curse word is thrown around

  2. Animals are finicky with trick, my dogs know the command " vacuum! " Only because that means food was dropped. 🤣

  3. Can it be eaten? If not, use chicken logic can't eat it, shit on it and forget about it

  4. Looks like it’s on a concrete floor soooo maybe already in the basement? Looks like it to me.

  5. Not really, brother in-law has a concrete floor on his new house, but, then again we are taming an unused property of 20 years, yay red clay!

  6. Single story house that’s build on a slab? (Basically means no basement and only 1 floor)

  7. The cringe, soy-consuming l*btards (🤮🤮🤮) forced us to.

  8. Does this mean we're getting pumpkin candle cards?!?!?!

  9. In my mind that is his only voice! Err-body! Err-body!

  10. Holy shit, I haven't seen that show in probably 15 years and I can clearly hear his voice

  11. EverQuest, everquest 2, world of warcraft, there's 7 days to die( a zombie survival game, you can play online and go into other folks games,I'd suggest pve servers), ark, rust and second life( this requires more searching though worlds to find you favorite place to rp, some are not erp)

  12. Have you ever been alone in the world?

  13. Well since this world is still populated, probably not

  14. Dream, he's a guy who plays minecraft fast and has a fanbase more toxic then chernobyl

  15. Cut out the middle man and just use an axe to remove the lungs, a bit messy but, effective

  16. I feel bad for the guy, let him get at least a hit on a tower

  17. It's like going to pine bluff. It's just knee jerk reaction.

  18. Tip was still good since it was from a broken cigarette! Filled with Kentucky select menthol :)

  19. Whoo canabalism! Getting rid of meat that would only be thrown into a hole in the ground! They are green!

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