1. For the best results for groups/precision shooting a bipod, rear bag and most importantly a bubble level/ anticant bubble is needed.


  3. Try keeping your shooting elbow grounded. With that much flight time you can easily cycle the bolt before the shot lands (if you wanted to) Don’t sacrifice your sight picture, but it is a handy skill sometimes. I once had 2 rounds in the air at a 900 yd target in a match because I was about to time out but felt good about my wind call.

  4. Thanks! It's the Bushnell XRS3 6-36x56 on a Hawkins Tactical rings.

  5. Nice to see new Tikka blood! Just need a Harris Bipod and a rear bag.

  6. Get the one that has the swivel. Also a bubble level off the scope or mount will be helpfull.

  7. I really like the Blackhawk Omnivore for the universal fit with a surefire 300x.

  8. Always a pleasure taking the 6.5 grendel Larue out on the long range.

  9. I almost went with the same scope/mount combo! I went with the M-Brace from ARC instead.

  10. I plan on using the top rail as a hand placement for shooting off barricades.

  11. Now get the second shot off before the first one hits!

  12. Slowly moving towards that! I think extra weight or heavier profile barrel would make it easier.

  13. You look like a machine on that bolt. Nice and smooth, nice and fast.

  14. Thanks! The sweeping bolt handle makes working the action so much faster/smoother.

  15. That's a tac driver! What barrel profile did you go with?

  16. Awesome build! My Larue needs a diet after seeing this setup lol.

  17. 18" Larue sends the Hornady BLack 123g ELDM around 2460 fps, hits 1000 yards fairly consistently with 10-15mph winds.

  18. dude i’m in the woodlands. how far west of houston

  19. Iv been eyeing the Badrock setup for a while. How long was the wait?

  20. Have you had the chance to chrono the Hornady Black Eld? I'm averaging around 2460 FPS with a 18" Larue.

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